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26. December 2012 > german fanzine Jazzthetic features Eivind Aarset with an extensive interview in its jan/feb issue:
"Eivind Aarset - dream outfitter" (JR)
17. December 2012 > formerly heavy metal, then songs, now hobbyist: Eivind  Aarset is a jazz guitarist,
is alien to the inroads.
he calmly fumbles on every single note......
read all details on germany's Zeit Online
> a new norwegian guitarist ?
"While Eivind Aarset and, more recently, Stian Westerhus have been garnering most of the international attention (and well-deserved it is), guitarists like Ivar Grydeland shouldn't be left out of this elite group of futuristic six-stringers." read yourself on AllAboutJazz (mb)
7. December 2012 > Eivind Aarset trio at Erland's studio 2011: Oslo Jazzed out "10 Days into the Norwegian jazz"
Eivind Aarset - guitar, Nikolai Eilertsen - bass, Erland Dalhen - drums - see here at youtube
27. November 2012 > TOP VIDEO: the making of 'Slowing The Tides' was filmed during the recording of the album "Manu Katché" and shows Manu Katché, trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, saxophonist Tore Brunborg and keyboardist Jim Watson at work (mid of page at right hand side)
17. November 2012 > listen and download your personal copy of Eivind Aarset "Dream Logic" at iTunes
> Wetle Holte, drummer of a.o. Nils Petter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset, Wibutee,
comes up with his first release "Hurricane".
will be published on 23.11.2012 on Sonnedisk label.
band: Kirsti Huke - voc, piano; Wetle Holte drums; Eivind Aarset - guitar, Gunnar Halle - trumpet
  > Bugge Wesseltoft's music platform Gubemusic offers 2 new videos
- Celebrating Sidsel Endresen, , Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene, w/ Nils Petter Molvaer
- Bugges Open Sessions #2

At ”Barokkfest 2013”, an early music festival in Trondheim, Norway, Nils Petter Molvaer will perform the work “Fingergullofficiet” with the vocal ensemble Scholae Sancta Sunnivae (http://www.sunnivae.com/ ). “Fingergullofficiet” is a work that dates back to the medieval ages, and the ensemble has already released this on CD (http://www.musikkonline.no/shop/displayAlbum.asp?id=5141 ). The ambition of next year’s performance, however, is to create a dialogue between the ensemble and NPM’s approach to the music. (jtu)

> Nils Petter Molvaer and Eivind Aarset contributed to Food's latest album "Mercurial Balm", 
ECM records 2269. the Food team of Norwegian drummer Thomas Strønen and british saxophonist
Iain Ballamy  continues to invite guests to bring something to the table.
read an article in german here (jtu)

according to the norwegian newspaper Tidens Krav (http://www.tk.no/nyheter/article6328192.ece ),
“acrobatic base jumper” André Bach, close friend of Richard Henriksen who almost killed himself last year in a jump gone wrong (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz__Jyb8yzI ), wants to make a new attempt at the exact same trick. the ambition is to make a movie (with movie maker Leif Johan Holand) )of the attempt, and the film is being described as “an art project in collaboration with Nils Petter Molvær and will be shown at film festivals and art exhibitions”. (jtu)

6. November 2012 > Eivind Aarset concert pictures 2.12.2010 Stadtgarten, Cologne and 4.12.2008 Stadtgarten, Cologne
4. November 2012
> Eivind Aarset releases a new record: "Dream Logic", ECM 2301 on Nov 9th, 2012
Eivind Aarset guitars, bass guitar, electronics, percussion, samples, programming
Jan Bang samples, dictaphone, programming.
1. Close (For Comfort) 2. Surrender 3. Jukai (Sea Of Trees) 4. Black Silence 5. Active 6.Close (Variation I)
7. Reactive 8. Homage To Greene 9. The Whispering Forest 10. Close (Variation II) 11. The Beauty Of Decay

listen to samples at amazon or  jpc. read an article in german here at JazzEcho
  > upcoming Eivind Aarset release tourdates:
2013-01-26 GER Ruesselsheim Theater
2013-01-20 ITA Milano Teatro Manzoni (as David Sylvian group)
2012-11-25 HUN Budapest Zoltan Lantos "Open Source"
2012-11-23 AUT Salzburg JazzIT
2012-11-22 GER Munich Unterfahrt
2012-11-19 CHE Zuerich Moods
2012-11-18 CHE Bern Bee Flat
2012-11-17 NDL Rotterdam Lataren Venster
2012-11-16 GER Bielefeld Bunker Ulmenwall
2012-11-15 GER Essen Zeche Carl
2012-11-14 GER Cologne Stadtgarten
2012-11-13 NDL Tilburg Paradox
2012-11-10 SK Kosice Jazz for Sale
  > Eivind Aarset performed 2012-10-23 in Berlin as part of the "the Grzech Piotrowski World Orchestra":
"Was it Jazz or Classical, World or Folk Music? It was an unusual combination of a string orchestra
and a jazz band which Polish composer  and saxophonist Grzech Piotrowski brought together performing
"EuropeSymphonies" at PRIX EUROPA on 23 October."
1. November 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer live @ Elbjazz, Hamburg, 2013-05-24+25:
Eleven all at once !
  > a review "silence and the fury of the sea"  of Nils Petter Molvaer live
in Hamm 2012-10-26 in ruhrjazz.net (in german)
  > as the group moves further away from its original leanings to the vibe of Tony Williams' early '70s Lifetime, Fender Rhodes pianist/Hammond organist Ståle Storløkken, bassist Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen and drummer Torstein Lofthus continue to make electrified power trio music for the new millennium. this time, however, they've invited a guest along for more than half of the ride: Swedish guitarist Reine Fiske, who also guested with the group when they played at the All About Jazz Presents series at the 2012 Kongsberg Jazz Festival this past summer. it's incendiary, it's thundering...it's Elephant9!  review here: http://j.mp/SYNEAN.
also on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzQnvcO6DaA  (mb)
25. October 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer live in german tv ARTE on 27-10-2012
from 43. german Jazzfestival Frankfurt
> Nils Petter Molvaer and Tore Brunborg contributed to
Manu Katché's 4th album "Manu Katché", ECM 2284, march 2012.
a review in german here
18. October 2012 >

a video snippet rom the recording of Manu Katché’s new album to be released this year.

With Nils Petter Molvaer, Tore Brunborg and Jim Watson.
Great to hear NPM and Tore Brunborg playing together again!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4UroCOGj2E  (jtu)

  > extensive Nils Petter Molvaer concert announcement for 2012-10-26 @ Kurhaus Hamm
  > another NPM "Mercury Heart" video presentation on magistrix
1. October 2012 > David Sylvian on tour @ PUNKT 2013 in  2013-01-20 Teatro Manzoni, Milano, ITA
featuring Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset, Hamid Drake
17. September 2012 > newest release by Arve Henriksen and Teun Verbruggen – “Black Swan”, Rat Records 017, BOAT 001
drums and electronics by Teun Verbruggen, recorded at Studio Pyramids (Renaud Houben) 22 September 2010.
composed, arranged, produced, various trumpets, vocal, hardanger fiddle, samples and treatments, keyboards and snare drum by Arve Henriksen, at home, February 2010.Mixed by Erik Honoré at The Green Room, Oslo Mastered by Helge Sten at Audio Virus LAB.
The websites for Audun and Arve plus the album sleeves for Audun’s two new albums are made
by our own Sir Dhahii :-) (jtu)
  > also a new album by new album from Greta Aagre and Erik Honoré:
http://www.aagrehonore.com/  (jtu)
16. September 2012 > german radio HR2 Kultur features Nils Petter Molvaer @ Jazzffestival Frankfurt 2012-10-27
  > Bang/Aarset/Ducret/Geisse 2012-09-13 Munich, Unterfahrt: a review in germans "Sueddeutsche"
23, August 2012 > Paolo Vinaccia uploaded a great concert with Arild Andersen Quartett
from Molde 2011 here: http://soundcloud.com/paolojazzo. great concert (mm)
20, August 2012 > review on Nils Petters Molvaer at Hafensommer, Wuerzburg 2012-07-27
17, August 2012 >

new album release by Jan Bang / Erik Honore / David Sylvian.
Samadhisound will be releasing Uncommon Deities on the 24th September 2012.
Last year's Punkt Festival played host to Uncommon Deities, an unusual confluence of talents and media.  Walking into the gallery’s large space, visitors were greeted by a series of paintings by Atsushi Fukui that culminated in the striking, hermaphroditic figure in “The Botanist.”  An audio installation by David Sylvian filled the space, and the opening night celebration brought poets and musicians into the mix: the acclaimed Norwegian poets Paal-Helge Haugen and Nils Christian Moe Repstad read alongside Evan Parker and Arve Henriksen, and their works were read in English by Sylvian, whose recorded voice was accompanied by John Tilbury, Philip Jeck, and Sidsel Endresen (mg)

4. August 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer concert review 2012-07-27 Wuerzburg  w/ a lot of pics at kitziblog.de
  > Nils Petter Molvaer pics from 2012-05-14  Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany
25. July 2012 >

All About Jazz presents at Kongsberg Jazzfestival: Kongsberg, Norway, July 5-6, 2012 by Henning Bolte.
view the article here: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=42541

9. July 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer on german TV:
- Jazzfestival Viersen 2006 @ BR alpha, 29.7.2012
- Leverkusener Jazztage 2009 @ BR alpha, 5.8.2012
7. July 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer on tour:
2012-10-27  GER   Frankfurt   43. Deutsches Jazzfestival (will be probably aired) link
  > Eivind Aarset on tour:
2013-01-26  GER   Ruesselsheim   Theater     link
2012-11-22  GER  Munich Unterfahrt
2012-11-19   CHE  Zuerich Moods
2012-11-18   CHE  Bern Bee Flaz
2012-11-17   NDL  Rotterdam Lataren Venster
2012-11-16   GER  Bielfeld Bunkel Ulmenwall
2012-11-14   GER  Cologne Stadtgarten
2012-11-13   NDL  Tilburg Paradox
2012-11-10   SK    Kosice Jazz for Sale
26. June 2012

countdown to All About Jazz presents at 2012 Kongsberg Jazz Festival starts now!
 - July 5, 14:00: Eple Trio with Karl Seglem
 - July 5, 17:00: Westerhus/Aarset/Endresen/Strønen
 - July 5, 23:59: Elephant9 with Reine Fiske
 - July 6, 14:00: Per Jørgensen and Friends
 - July 6, 17:00: Jon Balke/Magnetic Book
 - July 6, 19:00: Mats Eilertsen Skydive
 - July 6, 23:59: Arve Henriksen/Audun Kleive/Helge Norbakken

  > NilsPetter Molvaer will perform in
 -  2012-10-26  GER  Hamm, Kurhaus Bad Hamm
19. June 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer pics from 2009-11-19  Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany

Bugge Wesseltoft & Henning Kraggerud: ”Last Spring”

ACT95262 (Release date 2012-06-22). Siggi Loch says about the album:

” ”Wesseltoft brings out the true beauty of the piano with an intimate sound language, the art of subtle

variations and a pronounced dramaturgy. Kraggerud is an artist of exquisite musicianship and an innovative improviser, who combines an unusually sweet tone and beauty of expression with impressive virtuosity.”

http://www.platekompaniet.no/Musikk.aspx/CD/Bugge__Henning/Last_Spring/?id=ACT95262  (jtu)



Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus: ”Didymoi Dreams”

Rune Grammofon RCD2131. All tracks are recorded live at Nattjazz in Bergen, Norway on May 26th 2011.

http://runegrammofon.com/artists/sidsel-endresen-stian-westerhus/rcd-2131-sidsel-endresen-stian-westerhus-didymoi-dreams-cd/  (jtu)


Jon Balke: ”Magnetic Works 1993 – 2001” (2CD), ECM  (Release date 2012-06-22)


29. May 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer pics from 2012-05-18  Cafe Hahn, Koblenz, Germany
  > Nils Petter Molvaer pics from 2012-05-14  Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany
    Gilvve gollát - Mari Boine og Kringkastingsorkestret @ Idrettshall, Kautokeino, Norway in march 2012
a 60 min tv stream broadcastet by norwegian NRK

Nattkonsert med Lydskulpturer (Night concert with sound sculptures)
Sverre Hoel (lydskulpturer) | Kjell Erik Vindtorn (poet) | Terje Rypdal (elektrisk gitar) | Alfredo Nicotra (ondes martenot) | Tore Erik Mohn (klokkespil Olsen Nauen) | Christian Eggen (klokkespil Olsen Nauen) | Bjørn Rabben (slagverk) | Einar Fjærvoll (slagverk) | Gunnar Berg-Nielsen (slagverk) | Roger Matte (slagverk) | Bjørn Arne Løken (slagverk) | Teodor Berg (slagverk) | Christian M. Berg (slagverk) | Renate Alsing (slagverk)

HCD 2917 | CD published in 1996 by Norwegian Society of Composers (mb)

17. May 2012 > Nils Petter Molvaer's riddle in Darmstadt ... german newspaper "Main Presse Allgemeine Zeitung"
reviewed Nils Petter Molvaer 2012-04-14 Darmstadt
  > Nils Petter Molvaer live in Oldenburg Germany 2012 - YouTube
12. Mai 2012 > Trondheim Jazzfest 2012 with among others
Bugge Wesseltoft, Petter Wettre Next Generation, Jarle Bernhoft as well as Alan Holdsworth
6. Mai 2012 > John Kelman from AllAboutJazz wrote about the reissue of Terje Rypdal's Odyssey:
And just to whet the appetite: the remaster of Odyssey is terrific, and the live radio show will know yer socks off! With the exception from one theme that would show up later on Waves, this is music that everybody who hasn't heard this radio show before ) will be hearing from the first time."
release date 15th of june: http://www.amazon.de/Odyssey-Terje-Rypdal/dp/B007W8RDGW (mb)
20. April 2012 > pictures of Nils Petter Molvaer 2011- 11-19 @ Domicil, Dortmund, Germany
11. April 2012 > just received Steinar Vaernes new cd. He calls the group (which includes guest artists Audun Erlien
and Vidar Busk) Shavian and titles the album "Letters" (nn)
  > The Trondhem Jazz festival invites you to take a critical look at the state of jazz, jazz education, and where the road goes from here. the programme includes talks from Manfred Eicher (ECM), Bugge Wesseltoft, Stuart Nicholson, Fiona Talkington, John Kelman, Petter Wettre, Peter John Martin, Erling Aksdal, Iain Bellamy, Django Bates, Fransesco Martinelli, Bjørn Alterhaug, Ine Hoem, Kristoffer Lo (PELbO) and more.
get a glimpse of the new generation of Norwegian jazz, and find out what they "give them for lunch in Trondheim"
30. March 2012 > with "Unclouded" puts the norwegian songwriter Silje Nergaard already before their twelfth album - which surprised fans and critics alike. accompanied only by two guitars, she can voice her distinctive open space, complemented by high-caliber guest musicians like John Scofield, and Nils Petter Molvaer. german link
  > Enjoy Jazz 2011 meets PUNKT Live in Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache, Germany, November 15, 2011 - Part 1
Matthias Brandt reads from "Psycho" - Remixed by Eivind Aarset, Erland Dahlen, Jan Bang, Erik Honoré

Adriana Carcu of AllAboutJazz interviewed Nils Petter Molvaer "Colors, Noises and Moods"
in january 2011 on occasion of the ENJOY JAZZ festival in Mannheim, Germany

22. March 2012 > pictures from Nils Petter Molvaer & Stian Westerhus @ Jazzfest Neuwied 2009
16. March 2012 > The Trondhem Jazz festival invites you to take a critical look at the state of jazz, jazz education, and where the road goes from here.
The programme includes talks from Manfred Eicher (ECM), Bugge Wesseltoft, Stuart Nicholson, John Kelman, Petter Wettre, Peter John Martin, Erling Aksdal, Iain Bellamy, Django Bates, Fransesco Martinelli, Bjørn Alterhaug, PELbO and more.Get a glimpse of the new generation of Norwegian jazz, and find out what they "give them for lunch in Trondheim"
  > friend and member Kjetil Husebø will play some gigs at Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo, Norway with his bands:
Tape to Zero Thursday 26th of April:

   Erland Dahlen (solo)

   Bendik Hofseth/Kjetil Husebø/Jonas Barsten Johnsen

Spin Marvel (trio with Martin France, Tim Harries, Terje Evensen) Friday 27th of April.

  Steinar Løberg Værnes (solo)

  Eyes of a Blue Dog (trio with Rory Simmons, Elisabeth Nygaard, Terje Evensen)

  Thomas Strønen/Bjørn Charles Dreyer/Kjetil Husebø (kh)

  > Mathias Eick will perform 2012-03-16 in GER Ravensburg, Zehntscheuer
lineup: Mathias Eick – tp, Andreas Ulvo – p, Audun Erlien – b, Erland Dahlen – dr, Gard Nilssen - dr (tf)
27. February 2012 > a detailed review on Nils Petter Molvaer's concert in Nuertingen, Germany from 2011-12-02:
"90% improvisation on stage" @ www.whiskey-soda.de
26. February 2012 > another great band from Oslo. "Tjusipen":
musicians: Skjalg Reithaug - guitar, LarsAndreas Haug - tuba , Anders Hunstad - drums  (mb)
>  received this box recently and it has 5 CDs with live concerts by Terje Rypdal Skyward trio.
 It is sold as "Very Much Alive" under Paolo´s name, but it is Rypdal´s band and worth an intense listen (mb)
  > Melodic Warrior - the title of composer/guitarist Terje Rypdals work is hardly accidental. Rypdal takes no hostages in his battles against the contemporary ugliness in music, defending its contemporary beauty in the process. http://www.womex.com/virtual/kjell_kallelklev/terje_rypdal_the
The 45-minutes symphonic epos was commissioned by The Hilliard Ensemble, and Rypdal wrote it with a set of North American Indian poems in mind. The work was premiered by Rypdal and The Hilliards in Linz 2003, and has later been performed at Norwegian music festivals in Stavanger and Harstad, on every occasions with a different symphony orchestra taking part (mb)

"what should I drink?" - if you have no clue, just enter your music and press enter at http://www.drinkify.org/.
for example:
The Molvær
4 oz. Fernet, 4 oz. Half and half, 4 oz. Pineapple juice, Combine in highball glass and serve (mb)

24. February 2012 > Motorpsycho with Ståle Storløkken "Into The Mystic" @ YouTube (mb)

Norwegian Road Trip by John Kelman: Molde Jazz Festival 2012
read more about Nils Petter Molvaer, Sidsel Enderesen,  Supersilent, Terje Rypdal and Motorpsycho/Trondheimsolistene/Trondheim Jazz Orchestra @ AllAboutJazz (mb)

12. February 2012 >

our good friend Kjetil Husebø will release his third album on February 17th, and this time under his own name.

The album is called “Contradictions” and is engineered by Audun Kleive and mixed and mastered by Reidar Skår.

www.platekompaniet.no/Musikk.aspx/Artist/Kjetil_Huseb/?id=00381779  (jtu)


Tord Gustavsen has released a new quartet album called “The Well”.

The quartet includes Tore Brunborg (who just seem to sound better and better), Mats Eilertsen and Jarle Vespestad. www.platekompaniet.no/Musikk.aspx/CD/Tord_Gustavsen/The_Well/?id=2785896  (jtu)

  > AllAboutJazz reports: Kongsberg Jazz Festival will take place July 4-7, 2012
lineup so far: Karl Seglem, Westerhus/Aarset/Endresen/Strønen, Elephant9, Mats Eilertsen,
Jon Balke, Per Jorgensen, Henriksen/Kleive/Norbakken (mb)

the norwegian jazz magazine Jazznytt 01/2012 has a long article/interview (in norwegian) on Paolo Vinaccia

http://jazznytt.jazzinorge.no/2012/02/02/arets-forste-jazznytt-pa-vei/  (jtu)

  > Alex Gunia, well known as cooperator with Nils Petter Molvaer (see his 2005 releases 'Remakes' and '9866')
will go ontour with his newest project "300 acting spaces" @  Oslo, Sørenga

·         16. February, 19.30 Lasse Marhaug, Maja Ratkje, Kristoffer Lislegaard, Alex Gunia

·         17. February, 19.30 Kjetil Møster & Alex Gunia

·         18. February, 19.30 HELL
also with:
  28.02. Stian Balducci & Alex Gunia

·         01.03. Per Zanussi & Alex Gunia

·         02.03. TBA

·         06.03. Rolf Erik Nystrøm & Alex Gunia

·         08.03. HELL

  10.03. Grand opening: SUPERSILENT / NOISER (ag)

correction to the discography: 

Audun Erlien plays on both ”Kjærlighet & Ærlighet 2” og “Kjærlighet & Ærlighet 3” by Jan Eggum
from last year.
both albums are double albums.

Jan Eggum who celebrated his 60th birthday in 2011, released three albums with a total of 60 new songs
as part of the celebration: 



please notice that Nils Petter Molvaer and Bugge Wesseltoft also plays on “Kjærlighet & Ærlighet 2” (jtu)

4. February 2012



It is with great sadness that we announce that David Sylvian will be unable to undertake the scheduled tour in March and April 2012.
David has sustained a lower back injury that is causing him significant pain and affecting his mobility to such a degree that, at this time, he will be unable to perform.
We are hoping that with medical care his condition will improve siginificantly, and that we'll be able to reschedule the tour at a later date. We're doing all that we can to bring this unanticipated setback to a positive conclusion. (mg)

> John Kelman from AllAboutJazz wrote about the reissue of Terje Rypdal's Odyssey:
"I can't give you a date, because I don't know. But I will tell you that I just turned in liner notes for the box today (been working on them since before Christmas). So unless something untowards happens, I expect we'll see it sometime in 2012. But that's not 100% certainty.
But I'll be surprised if that happens in this case. And just to whet the appetite: the remaster of Odyssey is terrific, and the live radio show will know yer socks off! With the exception from one theme that would show up later on Waves, this is music that everybody who hasn't heard this radio show before (I believe tapes have circulated, but not widely) will be hearing from the first time." (mb)
  > another video of Bugge and Friends @ YouTube (jtu)
10. January 2012 > Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang and Gunnar Halle will support David Sylvian on the "Implausible Beauty" tour:
- March 1st PADOVA Gran Teatro Geox
- March 2nd MILANO Conservatorio Sala Verdi
- March 4th ROMA Auditorium Parco Della Musica
- March 5th BOLOGNA Teatro delle Celebrazioni
- March 7th KÖLN Tanzbrunnen
- March 8th BRUSSELS AB
- March 9th AMSTERDAM Rabozaal (Melkweg)
- March 11th COPENHAGEN DR Koncertsalen
- March 12th OSLO Sentrum Scene
- March 14th STOCKHOLM Filadelfia Church
- March 16th BERLIN Uni Der Kunste
- March 18th EINDHOVEN Frits Philips Music Center
- March 19th FRANKFURT The Gibson
- March 20th STUTTGART Theaterhaus
- March 23rd MANCHESTER Bridgewater Hall
- March 24th LONDON Royal Albert Hall
- March 26th BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall
- March 27th NOTTINGHAM Royal Concert Centre
- March 28th GLASGOW Royal Concert Hall (tf)  
9. January 2012 > Erland Dahlen, known as drummer of Nils Petter Molvaer releases his solo album 'Rolling Bomber'.
here's a track at soundcloud.
"..slowly I am getting more and more enthusiastic about the releases on Norway's Hubro. always from the world of improvised music, but then always with a nice angle. Here we have Erland Dahlen, a percussionist/drummer who has played with Mike Patton/Kaada, Serena Maneesh, Marit Larsen, Madrugada and Nils Petter Molvaer's trio. his work can be heard on some 130 records (jtu)

very cool video clip from Bugge Wesseltoft’s concert at Oslo Jazz Festival with his “dream project”.

see also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PeK8-kQz3k . apparently they are going on tour now,
at least to Japan (jtu)

  > WordPress Booking announces the Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex 4tet tour from 25.10.2012 -  11.11.2012 http://www.artribute.de/wordpress/booking/booking-aktuell/eivind-aarset-sonic-codex-4tet/ (lf)
> pull out your scraztchpads and sharpen the pencils for the upcoming Nils Petter Molvaer tour 2012:
19.01.2012 - FRA, Paris - Cafe de la Danse
20.01.2012 - NOR, Oslo - Rockefeller
21.01.2012 - TUR, Istanbul - Salon
16.02.2012 - GER, Kaiserslautern - Fruchthalle (as Biosphere)
16.04.2012 - FRA, Paris - Salle Pleyel (w/ Fresu + Katche)
10.05.2012 - GER, Oldenburg - Kulturetage
11.05.2012 - GER, Hannover - Kulturzentrum Pavillon
14.05.2012 - GER, Darmstadt - Centralstation
15.05.2012 - GER, Nürnberg - Hirsch
16.05.2012 - GER, Karlsruhe - Tollhaus Karlsruhe
17.05.2012 - LUX, Dudelange - Centre Culturel Opderschmelz
18.05.2012 - GER, Koblenz - Café Hahn
27.07.2012 - GER, Würzburg - Hafensommer
1. January 2012 >  A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 TO ALL OF YOU FANS !
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therefore see bottom of page - don't mind: it's for free and it's secure
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