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26.November 2008 > tourdate refresh: double bill EIVIND AARSET + HÅKON KORNSTAD. shows coming up...
Dec 3   - Kornstad Solo and w/Eivind Aarset, Pfaffenhofen, Germany
Dec 4   - Kornstad Solo and w/Eivind Aarset, Cologne, Germany
Dec 5   - Kornstad Solo and w/Eivind Aarset, Bielefeld, Germany
Dec 6   - Kornstad Solo and w/Eivind Aarset, Dortmund, Germany
Dec 7   - Kornstad Solo and w/Eivind Aarset, Bern, Switzerland
Dec 10 - Kornstad Solo, Kennedy Cultural Center, Washington DC, USA
... hope zo see you there!

more on Kornstad... +
29. October 2008
> Arve Henriksen  released a new record: CARTOGRAPHY
Arve Henriksen: trumpets, voice, w/ Jan Bang: live sampling, beats, dictaphone, programming;
Audun Kleive; percussion; David Sylvian: voice, samples, programming; Helge Sunde: string arrangements, programming; Eivind Aarset: guitars; Lars Danielsson: double-bass, Erik Honoré: synthesizer, samples;
Arnaud Mercier: treatments; Trio Medieval: voice sample; Vérène Andronikof: vocals; Vytas Sonndeckis: vocal arrangement (collective personnel)
ECM 2086 6025 178 0116 (5) Release: October 2008 Unique sales points (mg)
  > Nils Petter Molvaer will be aired on 2008-11-06
@ german TV "ZDF Theaterkanal"
with his Jazz Baltica 2005 performance (mt)
5. October 2008

other nordics
> due to the ammount of more or less to Nils Petter Molvaer related musicians
we've started to separate the bulk of records in two sections:
- more related that have a direct musical link to Nils Petter Molvaer
other nordics for the best of the "rest" - beginning with Terje Rypdal and Jan Garbarek
come and send your contributions to
30. Sept. 2008 > MIC (Music Information Centre Norway) did in its Ballade section an interview with Nils Petter Molvaer at Punkt 08. here is the URL to the interview in Norwegian: (jtu)
  > someone has published some photos of Mathias Eick Quartet performing in
Salzburg recently. Audun Erlien can be seen at some of the photos: (jtu)
26. Sept. 2008
> more contributions reported by our member JONT: Nis Petter Molvaer on:
Hector Zazou & Swarea - "In the House of Mirrors" 2008 Crammed Discs CRAW47
Toir Kuziyev - tambur & oud, Milind Raykar - violin, Ronu Majumdar - flute, Manish Pingle - Indian slide guitar, Carlos Nuñez - flute, Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet, Diego Amador - piano, Zoltan Lantos - violin, Bill Rieflin - percussion (jtu)
> Audun Erlien on:
Various Artists - "Songs across walls of separation" 2008 Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD336
Knut Reiersrud - guitars, Audun Erlien - bass, keyboards, Anders Engen - drums, backing vocals, Mathias Eick - trumpet, Marian Lisland - backing vocals (jtu)
19.September 2008 > fresh Eivind Aarset Collective tourdates - hope to see you there ...
03.12.2008 Pfaffenhofen - Künstlerwerkstatt - Aufzeichnung BR
04.12.2008  Köln - Stadtgarten
05.12.2008  Bielefeld - Bunker Ulmenwall
06.12.2008  Dortmund - Domicil
07.12.2008  CH - Bern - BeeFlat
16.September 2008 > On July 22nd Nils Petter Molvaer  performed a work for the
"Canal Street" festival in Eydehavn, Norway. Here is a review of the event:
The band consisted of Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang, Anders Jormin and Hu Vibrational. The festival's theme this year seems to be to reflect a society in transformation from something old to something new.
The reviewer refers to the event as "new spectacular music in postindustrial surroundings with a hyper modern port and old abandoned industrial buildings from another time as scenery"...
He calls the music "very abstract and very physical at the same time", and he concludes with "In Nils Petter Molvær's music I could hear the search - or maybe the word I'm looking for is longing - for new syntheses in the ruins of the old. It was music of the future I heard." (jtu)
  > In august Nils Petter Molvaer performed his work "Land" for the
Stavanger 2008 project "On the Edge". The work is a tribute to the sea and the lighthouses along the shore. The work was performed three days in a row, August 23-25 at three different lighthouses: Utsira, Eigerøy and Obrestad. The newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad's review of the event is almost poetic. See the pictures and read the review (in Norwegian) here:
NPM himself described the music as "simply nice music. Not jazz, pop or rock, just nice music. I've tried to create a musical space, a beautiful space that fits to the surroundings. Or should I say colour. I've tried
to create a colour, a musical colour with lots of improvisation." To the newspaper Haugesunds Avis
( ) he says:
"I don't like to write too much, in too much detail. I set a stage and a musical direction, and then we can get the best from all the musicians in the end. Vi have a goal and the direction, but instead of telling everyone
what to do, it's all about listening to each other. Lots of improvisation and an opportunity for daring to work with particular moods. For instance to be able to continue to work on some dark moods without worrying if the audience thinks it's boring. This way each concert is different, coloured by each lighthouse and the accompanying surroundings."
The video art that followed the music was created by Pekka Stokke. (jtu)
  > These events combined with the comment in John Kelman's article from Punkt 2008
( ("he's been experimenting even further, with apparently a lot of material in the can just waiting to be shaped into one or more releases") show that NPM is in a very creative period. We might just have something very interesting to look forward to as he tries to structure all his material into something worth releasing. (jtu)
12.September 2008
> and another contribution by Nils Petter Molvaer:
Benedicte Torget - "After the Rain" 2008 Present Recordings PRECD081
Benedicte Torget - vocals, Øystein Sevåg - keyboards, Olav Torget - guitars, Gjermund Silset - bass, Helge Norbakken - percussion, Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet on one track (jtu) ...
> .. and a rare contribution by Audun Erlien:
Jarle Bernhoft - "Ceramik City Chronicles"
Polydor/Universal 1782624, Jarle Bernhoft - vocals, flute, guitars, percussion, keys, Anders Engen - drums, percussion, synth, Audun Erlien - bass, David Wallumrød - keyboards, Martin Windstad - percussion, Trygve Seim - sax on one track (jtu)
future jazz forum > for all other new releases  of one of our heroes or at least with their participation
visit the forum and read the "album this week" section, maintained by our mem ber jont.
membership is free, you have just to registrate (to keep out all the spammers)
8. September 2008
> Nils Petter Molvaer contributed again to Brinkmanship (follow the link for more detailed infos):
Live in Willisau - Next Waves I - August 31, 2007
(released march 2008, Unit/Muve UTR 4206)
lineup: Jan Galega Brönnimann - sopransax, kontrabassclarinet, electronics, - Nils Petter Molvær -  trumpet, Nya - vocals, electronics, René Reimann - guitar, electronics, Emanuel Schnyder - double bass, electric bass, Christoph Staudenmann - drums, computer. see also a bulk of pictures here...(tf)
1. September 2008 > additional information for "Sub Luna" by Optical Substance:
It`s actually an old record, which was recorded in 2003, but it hasn't been available for buying before now - Kjetil is also working on a new album, and it`s going to be quite different from Sub Luna :)
go da here: Optical Substance (kh)
29. August 2008 > Eivind Aarset is interviewed by international musician magazin "guitarplayer" 7/2008.
thanks for the link to (rf)
28. August 2008
> we proudly present:
the new Dance/Dj /Electronics album of our member hkjetil:
"Sub Luna" by Optical Substance is available on iTunes and

members of Optical Substance are 
Jan-Erik Reknes (Trumpet) and  Kjetil Husebø (Keys,Programming,Songs) (-kh)
25. August 2008 > Casa del Jazz offers a online-video from Aarset/Youssef/Fresu @ Rome, Casa del Jazz 08-06-2008.
see also the development below from 4. August 2008 (jpr)
5. August 2008

Glow is the name of the new duo CD of Dhafer Youssef and Wolfgang Muthspiel released 2007
on materialrecords; german distributor harmonia mundi.
"Glow describes the shared journey of two people who know each other well.
Glow is a special album. Not just taking stock, not a live document, neither a fleeting encounter nor a window into the working process of a long-time collaboration, but a sensitively crafted combination of the past, the present and the future, offering no end of room for associations to the listener." (mg)

4. August 2008
> Paolo Fresu, Eivind Aarset and Dhafer Youssef performed live at
Jazzitaliano: Casa del Jazz, Rome 8th of june 2008:

1. Electromagnetic (Aarset)
2. Medley La Sivigliana (Fresu) Concierto de Aranjuez (Rodrigo)
3. Istambulogna (Youssef)
4. Il settimo (Youssef)
5. Tema dei fiori e del pianto (Fresu)
6. Drobak Saray (Aarset)
7. My man's gone now (Gershwin)
8. Nenia (Fresu)

this cd has been released by L'Espresso. the cd has been sold along with magazine L'Espresso
into the Jazzitaliano 2008 Collection, and it's been officially recorded during the show.
Although this is not meant to be released over the world and it's an italian-only selling (mn)
24. July 2008 > Brian Eno is confirmed for this year’s Punkt Festival (Kristiansand, Norway, 4-6 September).
Eno comes to Punkt 08 with his audio-visual installation ”77 Million Paintings for Punkt”.
Central musicians at Punkt 08 are the British composer/bass player Gavin Bryars (with guests John Potter from the Hilliard ensemble, Anna Maria Friman of Trio Mediaeval and Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen), British ”folktronica”-artist Leafcutter John featuring drummerSeb Rochford, Norwegian saxophone wizard Håkon Kornstad, young Norwegian “chamber jazz” trio Splashgirl, the acclaimed German ”zen-funk-band” Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, and Portuguese artist Rafael Toral.
The Live Remix concept (that all Main Stage concerts are immediately remixed in a stage/studio environment called the Alfa Room) is the core of the Punkt festival. The Live Remixes are performed by Punkt’s ”core personnel”, a group of musicians, producers and remixers which grows year by year. At Punkt 08 this core consists of Sidsel Endresen, Nils Petter Molvær, Audun Kleive, Eivind Aarset, DJ Strangefruit, J. Peter Schwalm (who will also give a concert at the Main Stage, with visual contributions from video artist Sophie Clements), Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang and Erik Honoré. As always, this musical laboratory is open for new and exciting constellation (nit)
18. July 2008 > swedish Radio P2 will broadcast the Stockholm Jazz Festival 2008-07-18 TOMORROW 18:00-24:00.
their webpage presents a pic of the very young Nils Petter :-) (hjw)
17. July 2008 > the following tourdates just went up on NPM's MySpace page -
looks like Molvaer/Aarset/Kleive will do a set at Punkt Festival.
Jon Hassell and Maarifa Street band will also do a set.
Arve Henriksen will be there jamming.
should be a pretty good Punkt this year if you like trumpet players.
more brand new NPM tourdates in the tourdates section on  the left hand bar (nit)
6. July 2008 > new Nils Petter Molvaer tourdates:
2008-11-21  ESP  Bilbao  Guggenheim Auditorium: Festival de Jazz (w/ Audun Kleive)
2008-09-14 DEN Odense Dexter
2008-09-11  NOR Oslo Parkteatret
2008-10-26 POR  Porto
2008-10-06 KOR Seoul
2008-07-09 NOR Hamar Hamardomen
2008-08-23 NOR Utsira
2008-08-16 ITA Pievepelago Le vie del suono
2008-08-01 NOR Ånneland Utkant
2008-07-22 NOR Arendal Eydehavn
2008-07-14 NOR Molde Bjørnsonhuset (NPM Workshop)
2008-07-12 GER Stuttgart Jazzopen: Arena Mercedes-Benz-Museum
2008-07-11 NOR Oslo Rockefeller (71)
27. June 2008 > today june 27th, 2008 LIQUID LIGHT
(Installazione video, suono, buio Musiche di Eraldo Bernocchi e Nils Petter Molvaer)
will happen
at Palazzo Lomellino, Genua, italy (pps)
20.  June 2008
> as reported earlier by Jont, here we are with the latest contributions:
Various Artists - "Shockadelica - 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Artist Known As Prince"
 C+C Records SHOCK1 (5 CDs, limited edition of 5000 copies only)
Among the contributions are:
- Anneli Drecker and Bugge Wesseltoft "I Wish you Heaven"
- Bendik Hofseth "Starfish And Coffee"
- Håkon Kornstad "Greatest Romance Ever Been Sold"
- Jacob Young "The Question Of U"
- Knut Reiersrud Band "Sometimes It Snows In April"
- Maja Ratkje feat. Rolf Erik Nystrøm "Solo"
- Nils Petter Molvær feat. Sidsel Endresen & DJ Strangefruit: "Sign 'O' the Times"
- Silje Nergaard & Jørun Bøgeberg "Nothing Compares 2 U"
- Susanna And The Magical Orchestra "Condition Of The Heart"
- Ost & Kjex feat. Mungolian Jet Set "Dirty Mind" (jtu)
> and again an audience recording in best musical and technical quality:
Eivind Aarset 2005-01-31 Karlsruhe at dimeadozen.
I've attended there and I can remember best my way home 300 kms through a cold and snowy night ...
17. June 2008 > today arrived a sad message from Hopper Management:; ou might have noticed yet:
"Swedish pianist and composer Esbjörn Svensson died in a diving accident on Saturday June 14, 2008 at age 43. Our thoughts are in sympathy with his mourning wife and children and his long time musical associates Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström.
Esbjörn Svensson was one of the most influential jazz artists in recent history and with his band e.s.t. considered the most successful European jazz group and beyond.
e.s.t. became famous for their innovative mix of jazz with contemporary rock as well as classical music elements driving young and adult audiences into their concerts all over the world. Their albums regularly entered the jazz and the pop charts achieving numerous awards.
Esbjörn Svensson was born on April 16, 1964 in Västeras, Sweden. His mother played classical piano, his father loved Ellington, and Svensson listened to the latest pop hits on the radio. In high school, Esbjörn played in his first bands, along with taking piano lessons for three years. There followed four years of musical studies at the University in Stockholm where Svensson developed the necessary technical craft to fully articulate his intuitive self-taught concepts. Thus, Svensson's carefree, youthful musical exuberance could mature into a creative self-awareness.
In 1993 Svensson founded e.s.t. together with his childhood friend Magnus Öström on drums and bassist Dan Berglund and further on concentrated completely on the work with this trio.
They just finished the work on their 12th and now final album "LEUCOCYTE"…
On a personal note I can add: "Esbjörn Svensson was the finest of all men I ever met, humble, modest, respectful - his light truly lit the world and his music inspired people in all corners of this world"!
Burkhard Hopper"
12. June 2008
> another audience recording of EIVIND AARSET popped up at dimeadozen:
2007-07-08, Badeschiff Berlin, GER.
"this was a promo gig and the first attendance during the
jazzland summercamp 2007 for just 60 mins to introduce the last release "SONIX CODEX".
it also exists a amateur video from Eddi C. that will be seeded when the first flood is over"
5. June 2008 > Alex Gunia, who made several cooperations with Nis Petter Molvaer
(see discography section) dropped us a line:

"Hei everybody, please come this saturday (7.6.) to "Dattera til hagen" in the backyard.
Grønland at 10.30 PM. I am playing with Mongolian Jetset, great band!!
all the best, Alex"
31. May 2008
> Nils Petter Molvaer  2007-11-14 Berlin
audience recording has popped up on Dimeadozen.
if you have an account, leech your personal copy.
Nils Petter (tr, fx) and Audun Kleive (dr, programming)
were joined spontaneously by Eivind Aarset, who had a gig in Berlin the day before
20. May 2008 > a "new" norwegian trumpet wizard comes up:
Mathias Eick gets a lot of good reviews in norway for his debut album "The Door"
and his album is on the top 30 album list in the newspaper VG, which means that it sells quite well right now.
Mathias Eick - "The Door", 2008 ECM 1757979
Mathias Eick - trumpet,vibraphone, guitar, Jon Balke - keyboards, Audun Erlien - bass,
Audun Kleive - drums, Stian Carstensen - pedal steel on 3 tracks (jtu)
16. May 2008 > Eivind Aarset will appear on Varanger Festivalen in Vadsø/NOR on Aug. 8th w/ Håkon Kornstad.
also playing, among others: - Marilyn Mazur, Supersilent, Jan Gunnar Hoff (mb)
1. May 2008 > Nils Petter Molvaer is working hard on a commision called "Perimeters"
for "Stavanger  2008"
(I guess it's a pretty safe bet that the track "Perimeters" on Re-Vision is from this work) (jtu)
  > Nils Petter Molvaer was interviewed in VG's paper edition on April 18.
in addition to talking about Re-Vision and the commisions for Canal Street, Arendal and Stavanger 2008, he also talks about the trilogy of albums that he plans.
the first release is planned for 2009. nothing is carved in stone, but:
"I want to pick some favourite tunes, it could be anything from jazz to Duran Duran" and write them out for a big symphonic orchestra. Also I want to work with something more minimalistic, with few and first class ingredients."
when asked about what the third album will be, he answered:
"the third one... Eh, I guess that would have to be pure noise..." (jtu)
  > There is a controversy over a tribute to Prince's 50th birthday this year. Christer Falck planned to release a box set of 80 Prince songs played by various Norwegian artists. However, the lawyers at Universal Music Publishing have stopped the release.
Contributions of interest to fans of Norwegian jazz are:
- Anneli Drecker and Bugge Wesseltoft "I Wish you Heaven"
- Bendik Hofseth "Starfish And Coffee"
- Håkon Kornstad "Greatest Romance Ever Been Sold"
- Jacob Young "The Question Of U"
- Knut Reiersrud Band "Sometimes It Snows In April"
- Maja Ratkje feat. Rolf Erik Nystråm "Solo
Nils Petter Molvaer feat. Sidsel Endresen & DJ Strangefruit: "Sign 'O'  the Times"
- Silje Nergaard & Jårun Bågeberg "«Nothing Compares 2 U"
- Susanna And The Magical Orchestra "Condition Of The Heart" (jtu)
  > Magne Furuholmen & Nils Petter Molvaer has created music for a 4 part tv
series called "Thor Heyerdahl - jakten på paradiset" for NRK.
It's being aired this month. see and (jtu)
  > Magne Furuholmen & Nils Petter Molvaer  w/ Raymond Pellier in 2004 did a concert/audiovisual
event called "Frozen Waterfalls" at Lillehammer. This ended up as a movie called "Meltdown",
which has been aired on NRK.
It was so cold that the pitch of NPM's trumpet changed during the gig.
Also mr Pellier had to keep his laptop in an incubator, otherwise it would break down
because of the low temperature. (jtu)
  > this major update is brought to you by jont (jtu) - thousand thanks for that !
28. April 2008 > PUNKT Live Remix will appear @ Schumannfest in Düsseldorf, May 9th, 2008, Rotunde in der Tonhalle
Nils Petter Molvær, Trompete, Eivind Aarset, E-Gitarre, Jan Bang, live sampling,
Erik Honoré, live sampling , Raumprojektionen, Korati von Gross (hjw)
> another "Re-Vision" review here on german
  > new Nils Petter Molvaer live events added in tourdates section (hjw)
23. April 2008 > we've made it: 100.000 visits since august 2004 !
up, up, and away for the next 100.000s ...
thousand thanks to all the visitors for their interest
> Eivind Aarset appers on
Jan Gunnar Hoff - "Magma" 2008 Grappa GRCD4272: @ myspace, release date 14. April 2008 :
Jan Gunnar Hoff - piano, keyboards, Maria Joao - vocals, Mike Stern - guitars, Eivind Aarset - guitars, Mathias Eick - trumpet,Bjørn Kjellemyr - bass, Audun Kleive - drums, Helge Norbakken - percussion (jtu)
22. April 2008
> another Nils Petter Molvaer contribution popped up:
Fanu/Laswell "Lodge"  (CD) Phantom Sound&Vision, 25.12.2007
Fanu - breaks, loops, and dark fun, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet,
Graham Haynes - trumpet, Bernie Worrell: keyboards, Bill Laswell: fender bass (nn)
17. April 2008 > Nils Petter Molvaer comes up today with a complete new design of his homepage "click on "Enter". the site will be updated regularly,
and there will be more video added soon. you can also listen to samples of other albums
if the only music you have heard by me is here on MySpace" (npm)
16.April 2008
> for those who have an accoount on
read the newest entry a bout the release of "Re-Vision" track-by-track (pps)
  > another brand new entry at iJazz - the online ressource for all jazz enthusiasts - in english (tre)
  > or go to npm frontpage
14.April 2008
> Universal Norway has released some info about "Re-Vision":
unfortunately in norwegian only (jtu)
10.April 2008
> Nils Petter Molvaer is interviewed in german Mgazine
"Jazzthing" No. 73, Apr/May 2008
and talks about his
new release "Re-Vision" as well as about his painful road to himself -
but read yourself ....
> read also an interview with Beate S. Lech from Beady Belle
talking about her brand new abum "Belvedere" in Jazzthing
9.April 2008 > Eivind Aarset has listed his signal path as follows:
>> JB Guitar - Precription  - electronics experience fuzz - Dunlop wahwah - Boss OD 3 -
     Boss DD 5 - Boss Cs 3 - Electro Harmonix Microsynth - Alesis Bitrman -
     Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe - B oss Volume Pedal - Line 6 Delay 4 - then a signal split :
     a) >> Vox AC 30  b) >> Motu  Traveler interface/MacBook Pro running Ableton Live
read more about Eivinds Tech Talk in "Professional Audio Magazine" .
the interview was held by Andreas Polk. (ap)
1. April 2008

> Nils Petter Molvaer's new album is called  "re- vision" and will be released on  May 13th, 2008
and contains a lot of NPM's soundtrack work. titles:
1. Torn
2. The Beginning
3. Alone In The Bathtub
4. Visitation
5. Arctic Dub
6. Perimeters
7. Trp Prayer In the Back Yard
8. The End
9. The Visitor
10. Azad's Theme
11. Decisions
12. Leaps And Bounds
buy your personal copy here at amazon (pps)
> Eivind Aarset's new contribution: Kor:Z  "Blått sug" 2007 Trembling Records MTG85453
Anne Vada, Rita Eriksen a.o. - vocals, Eivind Aarset - guitar, Tord Gustavsen - piano,
Morten Hannisdal - cello, Kjetil Bjerkestrand - keyboards (jtu)
20. March 2008 > at 10. April 2008 NPM is in Cologne making a concert with Eivind Aarset and Audun Kleive.
the concert will be recorded for the film "Hanna's world". this film is about a nu-jazz musician:
you can also win tickets, if you know the film's name (hjw)
11. March 2008 > Eivind Aarset @ Berlin, Quasimodo 2007-11-14 can be seen on YOUTUBE
"Electromagnetic in E"
"Sign of Seven"
5. March 2008
> our Jon Hassel forum moderator Nitya now has the permanent address for his radio show "Sonic Universe"
this is for the 128k bps mp3 stream which works well with iTunes
the tagline is "transcending the world of jazz with eclectic, avant-garde takes on tradition".
he has included much Jazzland, ECM, Rune Grammofon, Nyen (jon Hassell) and similar.
please give it a listen and tell us what you think.
any track suggestions are greatly appreciated. all music is from his private cd collection.
there are 200 + tracks on the stream and he hopes to have it up to 400 or more within a month.
when the graphics are completed and posted on the web site there will be a song
history list with links to so a listener will be able to purchase the album with the track
they like.Nitya will be able to add links to those other web sites where artists sell their records directly
to the public (nn)
27. February 2008 > sorry, it seems that we have missed a great event in the "tourdates" section at both and Belleville in Oslo, Norway has given the Mondays of February 2008 to
Sidsel Endresen under the logo "Sidsel Endresen Session". She has performed with Jan Bang and Merriwinkle earlier this month.

Last night, she performed with Bugge and NPM. It was reported on the late night news on NRK1
that this was the last time they would perform together. Sidsel herself said so in a short interview. (jtu)

19. February 2008
Nils Petter Molvaer contributed to the 1st music video Dance Of The White Rhythms
27226767 from a Japanese electronica-club-jazz artist SIENNA ( who is based in Norway. directed & created by Vjeran Cengic, Branka Radnic & Predrag Arsovski.
music by SIENNA. music performed by SIENNA, Nils Petter Molvaer & Abòn (
from the album "A Pure Land " ABN0007, released from Abòn Records 2008 (mf)
4. February 2008 > NPM and Audun Kleive opens this year's Vossajazz with a concert in
Vossasalen on March 14 at 19:00.
Note that the english page states that Eivind Aarset will also play on this gig.
But the norwegian page doesn't (jtu)
> Nils Petter Molvaer grieves over product piracy in Russia
where his music can be downloaded for just a few dollars
while he spent a lot of money for producing his records...
read more in germany's Jazzthetik magazine Feb. 2008 (hjb)
25. January 2008 > fresh Nils Petter Molvaer tour dates @
- 2008-02-01  NOR   Oslo   Cosmopolite
- 2008-02-02  NOR   Kongsberg  Energiemolla
- 2008-03-14   NOR   Vossajazz
- 2008-04-10   GER    Cologne  Kantina
- 2008-05-30  GBR    Bath International Jazz Festival
  > more Eivind Aarset tour dates
- 2008-02-01   NOR   Tromso      w/ Anneli Drekker
- 2008-02-29  NOR    Horten
- 2008-03-06  POR     Porto   w/ Dhafer Youssef
- 2008-03-09  IDN    Jakarta   w/ Dhafer Youssef
and more on the Eivind Aarset subpage
23. January 2008 > Bryce Pawlowski is a german/norwegian trombone professional @ the Hannover Chamber Orchestra
and offers an new platform for hiring musicians or to look for musical engagements:
throw an eye on .
forward this link to friends who might be interested in !
22. January 2008
> NPM is a special guest of french producer Hector Zazou on his latest album
with the freaklishly hottie of a singer Katie Jane Garside. Great electronics all along the record,
amazing performances by NPM and KJG. This sounds like a band work, so it's very fresh and consistent. Tracks are unequal, but this track should give you an idea : ... 080114.ram
(available until next monday only - 'Butterfly' is 21:38 min from the beginning)
The album 'Corps électriques' is available on iTunes France, Germany, UK and probably all Europe, the physical version is available on Amazon. (thanks to thebulic for this info)
14. January 2008 > Nils Petter Molvaer attended as guest of Supersilent, Oslo, Bla Club, 2007-09-19.
read an article in jazzdimensions (german)
  > All About Jazz offers wiki-like functionality at the  Musician Center and in the Guides directory.
this means the jazz enthusiasts around the globe can collaborate on and help create and maintain musician profiles and add/update venues, festivals, radio stations, record labels and more.
if you like to contribute, come and do the work ....
  > some more results from Jont's incredible investigation effort:
> Sissel Kyrkjebø "Nordisk vinternatt", Mercury 9874666, 2005
with Eivind Aarset (guitar), Ketil Bjerkestrand (keyboards), Gjermund Silseth (bass), Helge Norbakken (drums/perc), Tord Gustavsen, (piano), and others
> Lars-Lillo Stenberg "Synger Prøysen" Universal 9876749, 2006
Audun Erlien plays bass and Anders Engen drums on two tracks
> Mike Mainieri "Northern Lights", 2006 NYC Records NYC6037.2 
NPM plays trumpet on this album in addition to the others mentioned -
see also discography page 2 for more information
13. January 2008
> Polish TV  broadcasted 55 min. of  Nils Petter Molvaer @ Festiwal Dialogu Czerech, Lodz / POL.
Kosciól Sw. Mateusza, ul. Piotrkowska 283, September 7, 2007
Nils Petter Molvaer (tp, electronics), Eivind Aarseth (g), Audun Kleive (d)
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more details can be found on tourdates or unofficials page
11. January 2008 > mark your kalender for Punkt08, Kristiansand, Norway on 3.-6. September 2008.
earlier reports about Punkt08 in London are confirmed by Eric Honoré as
"Punkt08 extension". Eivind Aarset will attend, too.
  > more updates on Eivind Aarset: he will come up with a new band constellation as
Andy Sheppard - The New Quintet: Andy Sheppard - Saxes, John Parricelli - Guitar,
Eivind Aarset - Guitar, Electronics, Arild Andersen - Bass, Kuljit Bhamra - Percussion
  > some updates about contributions of our artists (thousand thanks to jont):
> Anne Grete Preus "Om igjen for første gang" , 2007 Warner 5051442200928,
Anne Grete Preus - vocals, Anders Engen - guitar, grand piano, Audun Erlien - bass, Eivind Aarset - el guitars,  Jon Balke - keyboards, Erland Dahlen - drums, Bendik Hofseth - sax,  Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet
> Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat  "Songs from a Persian Garden", Aug 13 2007 Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD320
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat - vocals, Knut Reiersrud - guitars, Atabak Elyasi - cithar, Amir Eslami - ney (flute), Audun Erlien - bass, David Wallumrød - keyboards, Rune Arnesen - drums
> Rim Banna  "Seasons of violet", Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD317, Feb 26 2007
Eivind Aarseth - guitars, Gjermund Silseth - bass, Rune Arnesen - drums, David Wallumrød - keyboards ,Leonid Aleixenco - ac guitar
  > Morten Harket "Letter from Egypt"   upcoming 31. March 2008 
Eivind Aarset - git
9. January 2008 > we've heard first voices to report about Punkt08 in London in November 2008
in collaboration with the London Jaz Festival and also the BBC, Fiona Talkington.
participants so far: Jon Hassell and Jan Bang. we'll keep you updated
  >  NPM is doing a commission for The Canal Street Festival in Arendal, Norway 2008.
The work will be performed as a big musical outdoors production on July 22 or 23.
The band will consist ofNPM - trumpet/programming, Eivind Aarset - guitars,
Jan Bang - live remix / electronics, "Hu Vibrational" - percussion
the web page states: "The plans are still at an early stage, but Molvær is very excited about
the idea and the possibility of doing a big and original composition and production.
He also wants to put togehter a very unique international band."
The page also mentions the possibility of this production being released as an album in 2009