back issue: developments 2005                    


25. Dec. 2005 > see NPM's equipment part 2 (the rack) and the "german mobile recording crew" in pictures section
> STADE just signed a worldwide deal with the Label Swedish Brandy. Tactile will thus be published and distributed worldwide from march on. On the first version of the disc was 1 track with Nils. On the new one, there's gonna be 2 tracks with him. If you want to listen to the tracks now, you can buy the disc through all numeric channels availlable (i-tunes, ...) by typing STADE TACTILE.
> Eivind Aarset composed and performed a soundscape for the visual "PASSAGE" by Charlie Waite.
you can listen to a small fragment here
  > announcement for Bugge Wesseltoft & Ragatronics @ Horten Jazz Club, november 2003
  > pictures from Molvaer 2002 Montreal Jazz Fest and Asker/NOR 2005
21. Dec. 2005 > Nils, Eivind & Bugge appear on "Norge Jazz Advantures", Emarcy Records 2005
  > someone started an internet based CD-track database.
would look like a wonder if they can stand the time with this kind of quality: see Nils Petter, Bugge
  > a very ancient picture of Eivind Aarset by jazzpotographer David Sinclair.
is anyone able to fix date & venue ?
  > Carina Prange from JazzDimensions made an Eivind Aarset interview @ Elmau 2005-07-28.
well done in time - a few days later the historic castle burned down like the music hall
in montreux during a Frank Zappa concert (listen to Deep Purple's 'smoke on the water')
19. December 2005 > Eivind Aarset contributed "Aladins Lampe" to Svein Tang Wa' album "På Kanten", 2005
as well as to Mari Boine's "Gula Gula"
> do you agree to this ranking of Eivind Aaarset's titles ? most votes has "Superstrings"
> Mike found some fine pictures from NPM @ Studentsamerfundet Trondheim 2003-03-10
and at the same day @ Nidarosdomen with Eivind Aarset (early show)
> an older review of Nils Petter Molvaer's "NP3" with some interesting links
in german most read newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"
> an advertising for the french release of "ER" with tour date Paris 2005-11-12
12. December 2005 > don't forget to remember the SMUK festivalen in Sula, norway on 2005-12-27+28.
line up: Nils Petter Molvaer, Ytre Suløen Jazz Ensemble, Auden Prim, The Brazz Brothers ,
Sula Art Ensamble, Bodil Niska, Dinosau . read more here in Sunnmorsposten newspaper
Sula is Nils Petter's birthplace and the festiavl promoter is his brother Aslak.
> Eivind Aarset contributed to 'Brinkman ship's upcoming album "the right place to be lost"
(release date january 2006). click the link above for sound excerpts - it's worth a listen !
  > pictures and comment for Dhafer Youssef 2004-03-27 Madrid
w/ Eivind Aarset, Rune Arnesen, Dieter Ilg
  > a b+w picture of Eivind Aarset 2004-11-27 Cagliari
  > we are proud to announce: is named as "official artist page"
@ (at bottom of page)
> more detailed info for NPM's co-work to 'Stade' "Tactile"
further musicians: Infinite Livez, Truffaz, Wayne Paul, Nya, Elliott Sharp
9. December 2005 > did you miss the Eivind Aarset 2005-11-25 Oslo performance?
take your chance to listen&view to a 6 min excerpt from
next live concert date is 22nd december 2005 - be prepared !
  > as reporeted earlier: sweeten your boring daytimes with NPM's webradio.
special feature: 'The Beginning'. this track has only been released in France,
it is great, and is from the soundtrack to the French movie 'Edy'
  > rumours say the NPM concert @ Rockefeller Hall, Oslo 2005-11-23 will be available online soon,
when the technical side and the legal things are taken care of. parts of the gig will be for free
and the complete thing probably for payment........we'll keep you informed - stay tuned !
  > maybe you will find your non-nordic bootleg coverart here @
  > pointless: is merely a private page containing familiy belongings.
newest talk of the town: a fan page will pop up in near future......
4. December 2005 > some press pictures from 'staopjazz' about our objects of our desire:
Bugge Wesseltoft, Jan Bang, DJ Strangefruit, Eivind Aarset
  > also pics from Eivind Aarset @Ljubljana Jazz 2005-07-02 w/ Audun Erlien & Wetle Holte
  > and more photos from Eivind Aarset @ Katowice 2005-02-06, and a polish text
> listen to the soundtracks of "Edy", a french movie by Stephan Guerin Tillie,
music by Nils Petter Molvaer, released 31.10.2005.
more details about the movie in discography section
  > read more about the ideology behind Marilyn Mazur's Futuresong and
scroll down to the featured musicians with a top-down-view on Eivind Aarset's equipment
  > Kjetil Bjørnstad gave an exclusive interview to iJazz regrading his new record "Floating"
2. December 2005 > tried several times to make additions to the VH1 music tv page, but had no success so far - maybe you ?
> a german review of "ER" @ plattentest-online >> is linked under 'surf tipps'
and another review here in german music magazine Intro
  > norwegian VG Nett announced Bugge Wesseltoft's live webconcerts at Bugge's room.
come and see what he offers - among a lot other stuff some downloads.....
  > norwegian female jazz singer Silje Nergaard released her first sheet music book
"BE STILL MY HEART - Silje Nergaard - The Essential" with 15 of Silje Nergaard's best known songs
notated for vocal & piano with guitar tablature and a complete set of lyrics.
Bugge played piano and rhodes on track no.14 "Gå en annen vei"
  > throw an eye on 2005 Fresh Air Festival, London. w/ NPM, Strangefruit, Bugge, Jan Bang....
21. Nov. 2005 > newest gimmick at the NPM webradio. click & listen ...
> Nils Petter Molvaer is since last week proud owner of the famous
OKM II Rock Studio in-ear-microphones made by german manufacturer SOUNDMAN -
the best you can buy to record sounds in kunstkopf-technique
> leech your copy of MASQUALERO Copenhagen 1987-07-12
18. November 2005 > Simon Potter from Bolivia (!) reports about an older Eivind Aarset/Rune Arnesen contribution to
Carola "Jul i Betlehem", Kirkelik Kulturverk
stett KKV FXCD 218, 1999. thanks for the message :-)
> Eivind Aarset contributed also to
Wasp "7 Oliphant Images" DMCD001, 2004
  > the german  newspaper raffle winners  (see November 5th) described their concert impressions:
review Cologne 2005-11-09, review Munich 2005-11-11 and review Berlin 2005-11-14
  > another concert review from Cologne including a handful of comments here (in german)
  > link to a picture with Audun Erlien as Oystein Sevag Band in early years...
and an announcement due to the 'Caravan' tour 2005 Sevag Band w/ Audun Erlien
13. November 2005 > the current Nils Petter Molvaer tour presents after years of absence AUDUN ERLIEN on bass:
come to the concerts and don't miss this unexpected highlight - strictly recommended !
more details and photos later in pictures section ....
  > another additional concert date for Nils Petter Molvaer
- 2005-11-25  ESP    Madrid
    La Casa Encendida (with Jan Bang and DJ Strangefruit).
  > germany's "Schallplattenmann" recommends "ER" as tip of the week
  > norwegian newspaper 'Aftenposten' announced Bugge Wesseltoft on tour through China
  > ...and a 3 page review on Bugge Wesseltoft's "Film'ing" in german newspaper "Zeit"
5. November 2005 > two more concert dates for Nils Petter Molvaer
- 2005-11-18  BEL   Genk    Motives Festival
- 2005-11-19  FRA  Reims   Reims Jazz Festival
  > a german newspaper review about "ER"

also Bugge Wesseltoft's 'Film'ing' here
  > and you could have won concert tickets for NPM @ Munich or Berlin in a newspaper raffle
3. November 2005 > italian diamond geezer Marcello interviewed Eivind exclusively for
on occasion of the Fandagojazz concert in Rome 2005-06-08 as Arve Henriksen / Eivind Aarset Duo. Wyrddhahii gave his transscription the last polish in english phrasing  >> go to da exclusive section

> NPM contributed to
TeeBee "The Legacy"   2CD, Port Azur SUBTITLESCD003, PA 015 , 2004
Midnigth Choir "the best of"  Glitterhouse / Indigo, 20.6.2005 
more details see in discography section

> NPM, Bugge & Eivind also contributed to Kjetil Saunes
"Lystyv" 1993 w/ Nils Petter, Eivind, Bugge, "Fyr" 1996  and "Arkana" 1999 w/ Eivind
(all the details to be found in discography sections)
Kjetil Saunes is the guy that Eivind Aarset sent a track to while making 'Electronic Noire'
because  he didn't know what to make of it. When he got it back from Saunes, it had become "Namib"
(thanks to Jon for this lines)
1. November 2005 > the GUESTBOOK has been closed due to the tremendous numbers of spam.
if you like to leave your mark here, visit the forum & discuss with us !
  > new Eivind Aarset tourdates:
- 2005-11-08  GER  Leverkusen          26. Leverkusener Jazztage  (also: Alex Gunia)
- 2005-11-15  GBR  London                  The Spitz
- 2006-04-21 LUX  Luxemburg            Den Atelier Electronique  (also: Beady Belle)
- 2006-04-28 GER  Kirchheim/Teck  Bastion
> current Nils Petter Molvaer tourdates see a few lines down.
a two-page feature about NPM in german magazine JazzThetik 11/2005 reports
that he has plans to play live with a
DUDUK (armenian natural flute)
> a  brief review on "ER" (in german)
  > short article about NPM @ Insomnia FestivalTromsø 2005-08-27
> Jan Eggum released recently  "30/30", Grappa Records GRCD4230.
on board: Nils Petter Molvaer - tr, Eivind Aarset - git, Audun Erlien - b,
Rune Arnesen - dr,  Bugge Wesseltoft - keys, Sidsel Endresen - voc
31. Oct. 2005 > prepare your tape decks for 90 min. swiss radio RETE 2 on 2005-11-05 at midnight:
Nils Petter Molvaer @ Jazzfest Willisau 2001-08-31
> Bugge Wesseltoft is on tour through China with Richard Gensollen/drums & Jonas Lonna/DJ :
2005-10-29   CHN  Guangzhou
2005-10-30   CHN  Shanghai
2005-10-02   CHN  Beijing
2005-10-04   CHN  Beijing
2005-10-05   CHN  Shenzhen
2005-10-06   CHN  Taichung
22. Oct. 2005 > swiss students community reviewed the NPM concert in
Zuerich  Moods Club  2005-10-12 in a very friendly manner (in german)
  > norways's aftenbladet reviewed tnhe this year NPM bylarm concert with the words:
"Fint, Molvær. Veldig fint. Konserten var ikke så verst likevel."
  > hoppper management offers a voluminous Eivind Aarset biography
18. Oct. 2005 > NPM apperes with 'Solid Ether' on "north sea jazz festival vol.5 - 1996-2000"
Verve Records, release date 13.5.2005  
  > we've gathered an incredible number of compilations, samplers & remix records.
see all the work and the new design in every discography section: "on compilations"
  > a lot of fine photo shots from this year Jazz Baltica:
2005-07-01 Nils Petter Molvaer Group
2005-07-02 Trilok Gurtu: Salzau Meeting w/ NP Molvaer
2005-07-03 Wolfgang Haffner: Zooming Salzau w/ NP Molvaer
16. Oct. 2005
> here we are with the promised ER-remix contest !
warm up your mixing equipment & fx and contribute your version of "Darker".
and win a brand-new Apple iPod nano, competition ends on oct. 24th.
download the basic audio files here (56.6 MB). more informations @ jazzecho,
> fresh from the press: the release date for the new Mind over Midi album "Monopoly" jan. 26th, 2006
with a.o. St Paul Hilaire (aka Tikiman) and Nils Petter Molvær.
watch a 37 MB  promo video on their homepage
  > read a review about Eivind Aarset's "Connected" in latvian. as they say: EKSELENTI !
  > also a report about the Eivind Aarset Trio  tour through UK earlier this year
8. Oct. 2005 > NPM appears  with "Frozen" (Bill Laswell Mix) on various artists "uru monthly vol.09" (2CD) 2005 ,
also: Beady Belle and others
  > see a concert announcement for Bugge Wesseltoft
Beyond Festival @ Kirin Beer Garden 2005-10-12 Sapporo / JAP
  > on sale in italy now @ Eivind Aarset - Superstrings (Jazzland 12" maxi vinyl)
> see the Tokyo Jazz 2005-08-20 programme with NPM as
SUPER UNIT - Latin Lounge - featuring Ivan Lins,Nils Petter Molvaer & AGATSUMA
MATERIAL - featuring Nils Petter Molvaer
4. Oct. 2005 > CHAT with Nils Petter! it's in norwegian, but I guess it is understandable:
any interesting news for us here ?
3. Oct. 2005 > friend Petr published another interview with Eivind Aarset
in czech magazine thank god it's not in kyrillic or in alien letters !
> Nils Petter Molvaer on tour with "ER":
16.11.2005   GER   Mannheim Alte Feuerwache
15.11.2005   GER   Dortmund Domizil
14.11.2005   GER   Berlin Tränenpalast
13.11.2005   GER   Dresden Scheune
12.11.2005   GER   Ravensburg Kantine
11.11.2005    GER   Munich Muffathalle
09.11.2005   GER   Cologne Stadtgarten
05.11.2005   GER   Ingolstadt 22. Ingolstädter Jazztage
15.10.2005   NDL   Zoetermeer Boerderij
14.10.2005   NDL   Amsterdam Melkweg
13.10.2005   AUT   Salzburg Jazzit
12.10.2005   CHE   Zurich Moods
11.10.2005   POR   Lisboa Tempsdimages
09.10.2005  BEL   Brussels  VK*city
08.10.2005  TUR   Istanbul  Akabank Festival @ Babylon
  > read first reviews on "ER"
23. Sept. 2005

> release dates for "ER"
Norway: SeptembER 26th
Australia: SeptembER 30th
Kroatia: OctobER 3rd
Spain, Czech republic: OctobER 10th
GERmany: OctobER 28th
Japan: NovembER 2nd
France: NovembER 7th
Argentine: NovembER 10th
read the press release or go to
  > more "olds" here: Bugge Wesseltoft contributed 1993 to "Cohen på norsk"
a norwegian musicians tribute to Leonhard Cohen. more details in Bugge section
22. Sept. 2005 > new sideman records investigated (see the discography section of the artists):
Nils Petter Molvaer contributed "Song of Sand" to " an american original", 1999
Nils Petter Molvaer contributed also track 5 "the spirit - remix" on Tuniq "tuniq". listen here
Bugge Wesseltoft appears as "Try"-remix on "Jazzanova - Mixing", 2004
> listen to soundsample from the brand new NPM album "ER" hERe.
listen also to the bonus track "EatER"; it will be only availible at iTunes
19. Sept. 2005 > Bugge Wesseltoft will tour China in october with Richard Gensollen & Jonas Lonna.
- 2005-10-29   CHN    Guongzhou      
Xinghai Concert Hall
other venues in plan: beijing, shanghai, shenzhen and taichung - dates t.b.c.
  > NPM on tour with "ER" :
- 2005-10-08   TUR   Istanbul       Akabank Festival @ Babylon
- 2005-10-09   BEL   Brussels        VK*city
- 2005-10-11    POR   Lisboa           Tempsdimages
- 2005-10-12   CHE   Zurich           Moods
- 2005-10-13   AUT  Salzburg        Jazzit
- 2005-10-14   NDL   AmstERdam   Melkweg
- 2005-10-15   NDL   ZoetERmeer  BoERdERij
more tourdates to come....
17. Sept. 2005
>   UnivERsal music has announced the 28th of octobER 2005
as release date for the
songs: HovER / SoftER / WatER / Only These Things Count / SobER / DarkER / FeedER / DancER.  Emarcy
CD 06024 9874157
musicians: Nils Petter MolvaER - trumpet, keyboards, basses, soundscapes, samples, drum programming / Sidsel Endresen - voice (on “WatER” & “Only These Things Count”) / Elin Rosseland - voice (“SoftER”) / Eivind Aarset - guitars / Erik Honoré - keyboards / Magne Furuholmen - piano (“Only These Things Count”) / Ingebrigt Flaten - acoustic bass / Rune Arnesen - drums &
    pERcussion / Helge Norbakken - pERcussion (“Only These Things Count” & “DancER”) / Pål ”Strangefruit” Nyhus - programming, mixing, vinyl channeling, drum programming, bass & production / Knut Sævik - programming, editing, mixing, drum programming, wah-wah bass, & production / Jan Bang - samples & drum programming / Reidar Skår - mixing & production.
thanks  to Sven from UnivERsal for first hand information !
keep on staying with us for more thrilling & detailed information sooooon....
16. Sept. 2005 > Bugge Wesseltoft will appear on an upcoming record by  'Ensemble du Verre':  "Sing me something",
fante records, end of september 2005.
Ensemble du Verre is a studio project by drummer Sönke Düwer.
listen to the remix "Annalizer" by Bugge Wesseltoft. guest vocalists: Sidsel Endresen, Torun Eriksen, a.o.
11. Sept. 2005 > a poster from NPM's 2001 Recoloured tour on sale @ german ebay
  > come & visit the new Audun Erlien sub-page. press the Audun entry at navigation bar on the left.
this feature and mainly all of its details  was initiated and contributed
by our member Jon Trygve from Norway - thanks a thousand times for that !
if you feel any NPM related theme underrepresented, give us a kick with your pre-work :-)
10. Sept. 2005 > NPM  @ Jazz Baltica, Bad Salzau 1998-06-12
now on seed at
> Weisi gathered a rare bugge shape-cd at ebay made for promotional introduction
of the new  2.7L CRD Daimler-Chrysler (whatever kinda car it is....)
see also in Bugge Wesseltoft section
9. Sept. 2005 > our collection of  sideman project cds with Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset, Bugge Wesseltoft &
Audun Erlien as kind of a documentation is growing and growing - but not complete:
see all related discography sections. if you are willed to contribute, drop a line to
> central scrutinizer Weisi visited NPM @ Kulturarena, Jena 2005-07-30,
and made a handful pictures from the grandstand.
click the pic on the left hand side. more pictures & the ticket stub @ pictures page
> Ealfons, central scrutinizer, too ( = one of the admins here), brought in his
ticket stub from NPM @ Mojo Club, Hamburg 2002-09-12
> brother Jean-Pierre sent us his NPM autograph from Maria-am-Ufer, Berlin 2005-02-07.
click the pic on the left hand side or go to the pictures page
5. Sept. 2005 > Nils Petter Molvaer tour reviews @ german jazz-zine Jazzthetik 9.05
1. Punktfestivalen 2005-06-23 Kristiansand (NOR) &
Jazz Baltica 2005-07-01 Salzau (GER)
  > NPM on tour:
22. Ingolstädter Jazztage 2005-11-05  Ingolstadt (GER)
31. August 2005 > Nils Petter is currently in the studio working on new material, and has sent pictures from the studio.
more information about this recording will be posted within the next couple of days - watch this space:
13. August 2005 > see Bugge Wesseltoft @ Wiesen 2001-07-21 (AUT)
  > see also Eivind Aarset w/ Dhafer Youssef and Paolo Fresu:
Teatro Sociale @ Soresino 2003-04-12
  > now we got it: listen to the spooky tooth "digen", often seen on soulseek:
it's a 'Marrow' remix by Anatol Zinke go to >> referenzen >> remixe >> 2. magic molvaer remix
  > found again: a french interview with NPM. is anyone out there to make a translation for us ?
8. August 2005 > Paul_N, the nordic hemisphere's  preferred DJ, presented me a pre-version 
of his upcoming album 'Mungolian Jet Set'. read a lot more about it in forum: supervinyl
  > one or our men in italy, Pierpaolo, sent us a private pic from  Monza 2005-06-05.
from left to right: Eivind Aarset, Pierpaolo, Patric Heral (Arild Andersen Band)
  > snapped up an old promo picture of Marilyn Mazur's Future Song from late 80ies.
band members among others: Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset, Audun Kleive
6. August 2005 >  during the german tour last week NPM introduced 2 new songs from his upcoming album "ER": 
 hold the line for the release date - we will keep you informed !
> see recent NPM tour tickets from Berlin, Kassel, Karlsruhe & Jena
in picture section and also soon at the german ticket museum of our friend Rolf Thalmann
  > NPM himself told me about an upcoming guest appearance with Bill Laswell's Material. 
keep your eyes wide open and report date & venue to us !
1. August 2005 > upcoming tourdates:
Nils Petter Molvær
2005-08-06   ITA   Monterudoni       Eddie Lang Jazzfest
2005-08-07   ITA   Salerno               over 2005 jazz  (as Eivind Aarset band)
2005-08-13   EST   Leigo                    Leigo Festival
2005-08-17   NOR 
Tromsø                 Insomnia Festival
Eivind Aarset
2005-08-07   ITA   Salerno               over 2005 jazz 
Bugge Wesseltoft
2005-08-03   FRA   Avignon               Tramplin Jazz
2005-08-13    ITA   Berchidda           Time in Jazz (with Sidsel Endresen)
2005-08-13    ITA   Berchidda           Time in Jazz (as Wesseltoft-Balke duo) 
2005-08-18   NOR   Oslo                     Oslojazz
  > pictures of Eivind Aarset as Arild Andersen Band 'electra' Monza 2005-06-19 
31. July 2005 > did you know? Eivind Aarset was in ancient times member of the heavy metal band 'ROAD' (1983).
some more details on Aarset sub-page  at bottom of discography
24. July 2005 > german jazz magazine Jazzecho reports in its current issue about the new NPM album, 
upcoming in autumn this year after he has finished the tour. stay tuned here and watch what will happen.....
  > more pictures from Stade feat. NPM @ Cully 2004 (search for 'stade')
  > read a personal review in french about NPM & DJ Vinet 2002-06-28 Montreal @ Club Soda  
  > forum member 'lokisdottir' found a photo of contemplating Nils Petter
22. July 2005 > NPM contributed on Jonas Fjeld "Svært nok for meg" EMI 1375292, 1989: , see also in discography section
  > the YOUNG NILS PETTER: have hesitated a long time but decided not to hold back these pictures.
norwegian TV broadcasted this NPM feature in 2002 where the screenshots were taken 
>>> see pictures section and scroll down to bottom of page
  > read an 2002 artikle in german newspaper FAZ regarding NP3 incl. some soundsamples

17. July 2005

> on seed @ dimeadozen: 
Bill Laswell's Material @ Vienne 2003
featuring as guest NPM on trumpet - a fine AUD quality of improvised jazz.
more information & coverart in unofficials section
16. July 2005 > erratum: here's the correct Eivind Aarset picture link for Kattowice 2005
  > weisi & friends made several fine coverarts, mostly for Bakken, Beady Belle & Bugge.
follow the 'front' & 'back' links in related section. all the music here is worth a cover !
> german special interest newspaper 'Jazz Zeitung' published a 'dossier
about NPM's remixing & composing in  current issue No. 30, jul/aug 2005
  > Eivind Aarset & Rune Arnesen appeared on Veslemøy Solberg 'Min Unge Sang', Nordicae 1994 
as well as on Giørtz/Huuse/Solberg 'Jenter fra Jante', NorCD 140, 1999
14. July 2005 > space scientists detected 1989 a new comet and named 
this space thing fittingly Aarseth - well done !
  > a few high quality pictures of Eivind Aarset Trio 
w/ Wetle Holte & Marius Reksjø @ Kattowice 2005-02-06 here
> I didn't really catch it  but this site is CERTIFIED 12% evil and 88% good !
see yourself and try it out: gematriclator, kind of a grammatical + semantic assessment.
most valuable words of are 'community' (14
02), 'guestbook' (754) + 'molvaer' (626)

11. July 2005

> brother Serge from Poland brouhgt us 
NPM @ Warszawa 2005-07-10 at dimeadozen.
an audience recording in good condition: go and leech your copy NOW ! 
9. July 2005 > Petr from Novi Jicin / CZE  made 2004 a NPM interview 
as well as a Bugge interview  for czech music magazine 'Harmonie'.
if you can support us with a translation drop us a line at

> Nils Petter's sideman work on Michel Benita "Drastic" is availible now.
NPM plays trumpet on this colourful record.
Dhafer Youssef contributes oud & vocals, among others

> googlin' around got out a concert poster from 
NPM @ JazzAlNaturas, 2005-05-06 Guarda, POR.
this is one of the very rare concerts in Portugal
  > maybe you did not notice so far, but most of these  informations here are linked to the appropriate 
date in tourdates of NPM, Eivind Aarset & Bugge Wesseltoft
surf around and follow the links: it should cost you days&nights !

> NPM's tourmanagement Kjell Kalleklev offers poster
for the current 'Streamer' tour in 300dpi resolution:
version 1 in light brown background (1.267 kb)
version 2 in dark black  background   (486 kb)
4. July 2005 > norwegian jazz in iTunes -charts - and this listing is without categories, so it counts over all!
- Nils Petter Molvær 'Remakes' on rank 39
- Jan Garbarek 'In praise of dreams' on rank 18
  > more pictures from NPM & Infinite Livez @ Cully 2005-05-01
  > NPM's concert @ Jazz Baltica 2005-07-01 will be broadcasted also
on 22nd july 2005 on german FM DLF.  see the calendar for more informations
  > As part of the efforts to secure the continuation of the 'Voice-of-Tibet'-radio, a support concert 
was held in Oslo on Saturday 6 February 1999. Among the artists(for free) were 
Chaksam-pa (also mixed with Sami musicians), Nils Petter Molvaer & band (who also performed 
at the 10 March 1998 concert in Dharamsala), Midnight Choir, Kari Rueslaatten, Getaway People and
VeDaKi (musicians from Senegal, Russia and India)
  >  old news found during a google session:
(London) Scan Mobile, a provider of messaging-based services for companies, is expected to announce on Monday that Universal Classics & Jazz International, a division of Universal Music Group, will promote a
new release from jazz artist Nils Petter Molvaer over SMS message networks. The promotion will be offered in the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. The new album will feature a sticker with a note prompting purchasers to send a text message to Universal, entering them into a contest to win an MP3 player pre-loaded with unreleased tracks from the artist. London-based Scan Mobile and Universal said they plan to produce similar messaging-based offers in the future.

2. July 2005

> a bunch of Bugge 12" maxi vinyl pictures has arrived: 
'Live', 'GUBNUF', 'Eve Nin' (all 1999),'You might say', 'Undertow' (all 2000), 'Change' (2001);
especially note the funny spelling on the 'Live' label.
more details in Bugge's section - thanks to Volker from Hamburg !

> NPM is performing @ Jazz Baltica 2005 on july 1st-3rd.
as long as no pics or recs are popping up, enjoy the ticket stub. stored in pictures section
  > NPM's yesterday concert @ Jazz Baltica 2005 / GER will be broadcasted 
on 2nd september 2005 in german TV  WDR or 3sat
29. June 2005 > BBC3's Fiona Talkington introduces a specially recorded session with a trio led by a guitarist 
from the planet Hendrix and one of Scandinavia's most innovative musicians, Eivind Aarset.
investigate more about at BBC Late Junction and prepare your tape deck for the 4th of july

> NPM attended a song on STADE's new album 'Tactile'. further guests on this record: 
Infinite Livez, Truffaz, Wayne Paul, Nya, Elliott Sharp. NPM has performed with Stade  
(Pierre Audetat: keys, sampler & Christophe Calpini: drums, sampler) at the 2005 Cully Jazz Festival

> friends of maintain a music review page: 'unterhaltungsgarantie'
read about your preferred record in german
18. June 2005 > Marcello, our italian geezer, visited Arve Henriksen & Eivind Aarset @ Rome 2005-06-08.
see some pictures and two small mini-videos in pics section. more detailed info to come soon...
  > another interesting interview with Alex Gunia (in german only)
  > Nils Petter Molvær made  contributions to the upcoming Mind-over-Midi album 'Monopoly',
says a news blogg archive....
  > is this a record from paul_n ? every indication is welcomed
  > found it somewhat useful: the mobiltour page for the times when you are underway.
this time I will make the last call  - if no-one shows interest,  hm.
come on, try it out: type into your web-enabled mobile phone:
and let me know your thoughts in our forum
13. June 2005 > freshest update on NPM tourdates - see also
(incredible: the site has been updated!)
2005-07-01   GER   Bad Salzau    Jazz Baltica
2005-07-02   GER   Bad Salzau    Jazz Baltica
2005-07-03   GER   Bad Salzau    Jazz Baltica
2005-07-06   AUT   Innsbruck     Treibhaus
2005-07-09   FRA   Vienne           Theatre Antique
2005-07-10    POL   Warshaw       tba
2005-07-23   FRA   Carhaix          Les Vieilles Charrues Festival
2005-07-24   FRA   Paris               Paris Int. Jazzfestival
2005-07-27   GER   Berlin             Tränenpalast
2005-07-28   GER   Kassel             Kulturzelt an der Drahtbrücke
2005-07-29   GER   Karlsruhe       Tollhaus
2005-07-30   GER   Jena               Kulturarena
  > fishing Anne found ancient pictures of Bugge from 1989
8. June 2005 > Alex Gunia met Nils Petter Molvær @ ApArt Festival, Fribourg 2005-06-04, CHE
and made a fine picture for us:  see pictures section
  > another surprisingly act:
Dhafer Youssef  2005-06-15  FRA  Ajaccio  Quartier Aspretto 
(feat. Eivind Aarset & Paolo Fresu)
  > have cleared my stock of Bugge tapes: see a lot of updates in Bugge section.
if you can contribute coverart, line-ups or tracklists: every helping hand is welcomed!
send your co-work to
4. June 2005 > Eivind Aarset was featured by german guitar&bass magazine No. 6-2002
as his favourite and most influent records he named:  Jimi Hendrix "In the West", Miles Davis "Agharta", Nils Petter Molvær "Khmer", Terje Rypdal "Waves", David Thorn "Polytown",  Michael Bricks "Hybrid", Kruder-Dorfmeister "The K&D Sessions" (follow the link above)
  > an older announcement: Eivind Aarset on tour 2000 in germany with Marilyn Mazur

> Eivind Aarset is pictured in connection with the new Oystein Sevag  album 'Caravan'
listen to the caravan here
also pictured:  Audun Erlien - we have not seen him for a long while!
1. June 2005 > we are linked again: at bottom of page.
please note the remarkable line-up and change your travel plans for xmas 2005 to Sula !
  > Eivind Aarset will surprisingly act on behalf of Jan Bang with 
Arve Henriksen at Fandangojazz, La Palma Club, Rome 2005-06-08
30. May 2005 > Paradiso & Melkweg, famous venues in Amsterdam, offer video-on-demand at fabchannel:
this time Jaga Jazzist. check the navigation bar on the right hand side
  > Eivind Aarset on tour:
2005-07-02  SLO   Ljubljana    46th Jazz Fest Ljubljana
  > a new Aarset-record has been investigated:
Aarset, Eivind – Super Strings
,12" ,Jazzland 1999
remixes by the FBU duo Illumination (Per Martinsen and Nick Sillitoe); 
moods and grooves for rare altitude connoisseurs..." very limited. apartment Records mailorder
28. May 2005
> the guestbookis upgraded and running - thanks a thousand times webmaster Thorsten !
try out the new features like attachments, smileys, active links and more ....
(for the tech freaks: we are running now on php+mysql instead of pearl+flat files)
if the new look&feel does not appear, refresh your cache (ctrl+F5)
  > next big effort will be the upgrade of our forum....cross your fingers for better success than the last time !
  > made a lot of updates in Bugge section. watch the marks. 
yes, I know - it's not complete and there's a lot of work to do
26. May 2005 > Nils Petter Molvær live: Fribourg/CHE 2005-06-04 @ apArt-Festival
  > Alex Gunia (feat. Andre Cayres/Michael Klaukien) appears with a track on
'Mysterious Voyages', a tribute to Weather Report. released at
  > Barbara from Switzerland sent us a link to a review about Eivind Aarset @ Bern 2005-05-15
  > obviously the guestbook has a bug  - we're hardly working on it.......and keep you informed
21. May 2005 > Eivind Aarset Munich 2004-05-16 and Cologne 2000-05-07 on seed at
  > NPM's newest sideman-appearance came up this week: 
listen to sound samples from Michel Bénita's fresh album 'Translate'
  > Mr. Eric Honoré himself asked us to publish the upcoming Punkt-Festivalen @ Kristiansand June 2005.
committed line-up: Nils Petter Molvær, Jon Hassel, Lars Danielsson/Jon Christensen/Bobo Stenson, Arve Henriksen, Dhafer Youssef, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Sidsel Endresen, Supersilent, South Mungolia, Audun Kleive/Kim Ofstad, Eivind Aarset, Bendik Hofseth and others. 
16. May 2005 > a few pictures from NPM & Infinite Livez @ Cully 2005-05-01

> 'Stratosphere Girl' is on sale now at german .
read more about the german movie and Nils Petter's film music in discography section.
I've ordered my copy today :-)
  > welcome Volker from Hamburg! he made my day cause he has sent me some rare npm & bugge tapes.
take attention from time to time to the contributors & heroes list at bottom of page.
if your are named and if you like to be linked, just drop me a line: 
11. May 2005 > the incredible molvæ members + broadcast- twins Weisi & Dewawa came up with
'OTB - only the best'. this web page will contain a documentation of fm + tv broadcasted tapes,
starting with several Bugges and others material. it's worth a visit. thanks also for the fine coverart !

> both, Nils Petter Molvær & Eivind Aarset contributes to the new Rebekka Bakken album "Is that you ?".
Eivind on guitar and special guest Nils Petter, trumpet. 
more details in discography section and the Aarset sub-page
9. May 2005 > we received a message from smukfestivalen promoter in Sula:
" I just wanna let everyone know that NPM is playing this year at smukfestivalen( with his band, and that we are proud of the fact hat this is his first consert  in his home city, at is home island, since he became a solo artist. This is going to be something special, and devoted fans all over the world deserve to know this. The festival are on the 27 and 28 of december this year"

> an unknown record popped up last month: Knut Værnes/Lasse Danielsson Group Molde 1995-07-22.
line-up: NPM - tr, Tore Brunborg - sax, Bugge Wesseltoft - keys, KnutVærnes - git, 
Lasse Danielsson - bass, Danny Gottlieb - drums, Manolo Badrena - perc. 
some of the trumpet licks are well known :-)  see also unofficials section
5. May 2005 > this month on tour:
Beady Belle (Aarset bass-man Marius Reksjø & Beate S. Lech)
- 2005-05-10   GER   Cologne               Stadtgarten
- 2005-05-12   GER   Hamburg              Fabrik
- 2005-05-15   GER   Berlin                  Tränenpalast
- 2005-05-17   GER   Munich                Ampere
- 2005-05-18   GER   Aschaffenburg   Colossaal  
Jaga Jazzist
- 2005-05-10   GER   Hamburg              Fabrik
- 2005-05-11    GER   Cologne               Stadtgarten   
Trygve Seim Trio
- 2005-05-10   AUT   Dornbirn             Spielboden
  > by the way: the norwegian tentett Jaga Jazzist and their new album "what we must" 
are featured on 2 pages in german magazine JazzThetik 05/2005
  > Alex Gunia's newest release "Remakes" is reviewed also in JazzThetik 05/2005. 
If you didn't yet, you should read the exclusive interview given to earlier this year
  > attention please, radioheads: prepare your tape decks or HDD for acoustic notes from 
Paris & Athens 2005: Jon Hassel Group, 12th of may, german fm WDR III 15:05.
hopefully this feature will bring us some sounds of Eivind's appearance as Jon Hassell band member.....
24. April 2005 > europejazznetwork helds out the promise a Jon Hassell Trio tour in november.
JON HASSELL TRIO: Jon Hassell - tp, kb, laptop, Peter Freeman - b, laptop, 
Rick Cox or Eivind Aarset - g, fx, laptop. possible guests: Dhafer Youssef, Paolo Fresu
  > upcoming concerts for may. visit the events and give us report about!
Nils Petter Molvær
2005-05-14   NOR   Balestrand       Balejazz
Eivind Aarset

2005-05-13  NOR    Balestrand       Balejazz
2005-05-14  NOR    Bergen             Akademiske Quarter
2005-05-15  CHE     Bern                 Progr_Zentrum
2005-05-18  GBR     Brighton          The Dome
2005-05-19  GBR     Bristol             Colston Hall
2005-05-22  GBR    Manchester     Bridgewater Hall
2005-05-23  GBR    Buxton             Opera House
2005-05-24  GBR    Leicester         DeMontford Hall
Bugge Wesseltoft
2005-05-05  FRA    Coutances         Jazz sous les pommiers
2005-05-07  FRA    Lyon                  Les nuits sonores
2005-05-14   POR   Porto                 Porto Festival
17. April 2005 > received the jazzland friday-, saturday- and sunday sessions set from 1999. known as far as out-of-print.
especially the friday session is my favourite and is worth every effort to grab it!
! read a brief summary and some details in Bugge section
  > now for something completeley different:, an online interview magazine, offers
a JAGA JAZZIST mp3 interview about their record "What We Must". 
Lars and Martin explain why this record is different than other work they have ever made
  > more Jaga Jazzist: web tv video at P3session
you have to register, but it's for free.
16. April 2005 > more good news: both, Nils Petter and Eivind, will perform @ Balejazz / NOR on 13./14.5.2004
  > updates on Bugge Wesseltoft tourdates in Bugge section >>>>>
  > discographie sélective de Eivind Aarset à
  > again Eivind Aarset: a brief review about Montreal Jazz Festival 2004-07-02 
with Dhafer Youssef & Paolo Fresu, also in french
15. April 2005 > reviewed NPM Solo @ Grenoble 2005-03-19, unfortunately in french
  > reports about the Jan Gunnar Hoff bestellingsverk @ Voss 2005-03-19 
where Eivind Aarset was part of the performance

> NPM @ XFM 2004-09-12 is now on seed at dimeadozen
this exclusive NPM Solo studio session was broadcasted by XFM radio, London 
at the Nick Luscombe flo-motion slot
14. April 2005 > the Eivind Aarset sideman projects are now sorted by release date in arbitrary order. 
this might help to follow Eivind's participation on other artists work over time

> listen to some sound examples from Martin Koller's webpage. 
do you remember ? he has performed live with NPM in Saalfelden 1998 & Willisau 2003.
give the page time to load and see the navigation bar on the left hand side
  > found a 'redferns' page with NPM pictures - but not for free :-(
11. April 2005 > the race continues: easytree is up and running again and is named now DIME-A-DOZEN !
thousands of seeds have been started within just some days :-)


> sorry for your inconveniance regarding the BUGGE forum. 
we tried to implement some new features, but failed. 
this re-design will start offline probably next weekend again to offer you better handling & more comfort. 
  > good news: NPM & Bugge will perform @ Vienne, Theatre Antique on 9th of july, 2005.
  > bad news: NPM will NOT perform @ Zuerich, JazzNoJazz Festival 27./28. April 2005.
thanks for updating us to Barbara P. from switzerland
  > someone tried to start a Nils-Petter-Molvær-chat. see all the crap @ weirdtown.
don't waste your time there.......come herein, contribute in every way you like and discuss with us !
8. April 2005 > yesterday was a very, very sad day. the trading platform eztree is down due to an imminent sue :-(
shame on the money craving lawyers & the short-sighted record majors.
we all hope someone will rreboot the servers at cayman islands or elsewhere - no one can stop us fans!
  > John Scofield gave an interview to online-magazine "essentialguitarist" in october 2004.
he was asked for other worthy prominences beside Metheny and himself and he replied :
"... there's a guy from Norway - Eivind Aarset who's an incredible electronic guitar player 
who used effects, samples and loops. completely out there! ..."  -
follow the link and read yourself
5. April 2005 > read about Stade feat. NPM @ 23ieme Cully Jazz Festival and see some pictures -
scroll down till end of page: 'Stade, feat. Nils Petter Molvaer & Infinite Livez'
  > short reviews of NPM 'REMAKES' and also Alex Gunia 'REMAKES'
@ german magazine JazzThing april/may issue 2005
2. April 2005 > Stavanger's most famous freejazzclub has gone live again: StingJazzClub.
re-opening gig with great success was Paal Nielssen-Love/Ken Vandermark Duo on march, 31st.
more to come - visit this page regulary. and btw: one of our heroes is heavily involved in managing ..... 
  > an italian fan has sent us: Nils Petter Molvær: "ispirato da freddo e tecnologia". 
a feature printed 2005 in Musica Jazz. >> article is stored in press+interviews section

> grabbed on german eBay: 
NPM Recoloured PROMO CD including promo colour folder with press text.
go to press+interviews section for a bigger picture
1. April 2005 > the promised english version of Alex Gunia EXCLUSIVE interview 
can now be read in exclusive section  - kindly translated by hero Dhahii
29. March 2005 > another REMAKES  offer here at musiconline 
including sound samples for whom it never heard
it yet.

> read a french concert review about NPM Lille 2002-09-27 @ l'Aeroneuf.
and: NO, it was not me who has written that ....
> catched an NPM tourposter 
from about 1998 at german eBay for small money. 
see also pics section
25. March 2005 > thousand thanks to forum member Philip Lampe for the well done new header graphic :-) 
  > just opened: new category SUPERLOOPER, dedicated to Jan Bang 
& his never heard and seen before live sampling + looping !
  > stop that boring couch potatoing - support the artists by visiting the concerts! next month on tour:
Nils Petter Molvær
- 2005-04-01  CHE   Cully         
- 2005-04-02  CHE   Zuerich
- 2005-04-03  CHE   Bern
Eivind Aarset
- 2005-03-30  FRA   Amiens
- 2005-04-13  NOR  Oslo
Bugge Wesseltoft
- 2005-04-27  TUR   Istanbul
- 2005-04-30  BEL   Liege
24. March 2005 > yesterday during a long train ride I've missed access to some informations stored at
so I created a brand new feature for your cellular phone: short forms as mobilenews & mobiletour !
if you own a 
wap enabled mobile phone, try it out and let me know how useful this service is for you
(otherwise the idea will die a sudden death)

> this time on easytree: Dhafer Youssef London 2004-11-18 
w/ Eivind Aarset,
Audun Erlien, Rune Arnesen & Arve Henriksen 
23. March 2005 > we had the last days a forum + calender access problem due to service provider's maintenance work. 
the graphical redesign of had nothing to do with that! 
webmaster Thorsten was able to repair the impact in incredible fast manner. thanks for that!

> btw: if you want to know how Thorsten looks like, what his hobbies are and which basses he prefers,
visit Thorsten's homepage and have an eye on german handcrafted Ritter-Basses -
I've tested the "classic" often and can say without reservation: one of the best choices you can make

> .... although I prefer furthermore STATUS graphite neck-through basses with Kahler tremolo (!). 
see also about  my earlier bass tremolo  hobby of mine at an argentinian friend's page.
and yes: Kahler is up again and availible! order your complete trem or just single parts at axeparts.

20. March 2005

> NPM is credited playing all trumpet and flutes on this album of a norwegian band:
Dronning Mauds Land - Tiden Kler Seg Naken'
Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD145
, 1994 >> see discography section
19. March 2005 > TIRED?  DRUNKEN ?  OVERWORKED ? 
nope. just a new background color. had enough of that urine yellow. do you like it ? 
if not, see the development 2004 page. let me know your impressions in forum !

> Jens Arne Molvær - do you remember? father of NPM - investigated all necessary information
to correct the Ytre Suløens Jass Ensemble Molde 1997-07-03 with NPM - see also unofficials section.
cordial greetings to norway: thanks a lot, Jens Arne !
> brother Karl Heinz Schmitt ( gave me a big surprise as birthday gift:
NPM on canvas
, 50 x 100 cm, painted by local artist Mr. Elzer - thanks for that !
as a proud owner I have now to find an appropriate spot to place it inside my BASS_BUREAU :-)
see the canvas in comparison to the origin (shot by Karl Heinz 1998-11-30 @ Neuwied) in
pics section
18. March 2005 > forum member & young guitar player  Erlend Molvær, a grand cousin of Nils Petter, 
comes up with an own internet presence: THE SHRED PAGE. well done, Erlend !

> yet another molvaer tape at easytree  w/ NPM, Eivind, Rune, Paul & Jan.
Amsterdam 2005-02-19, Het Nieuwe Bimhuis. broadcasted by VPRO 4FM (netherlands)

> we were invited to come to the gig and we made an exclusive half-hour interview with 
Alex Gunia @ cologne 2005-03-01
. read about our cool backstage talk in exclusive section !
for now in german - english translation is in progress to be published sooooooon ...


> Alex Gunia has sent also updates on his current tour:
- 2005-04-15  GER   Munich        Private Club
- 2005-04-16  GER   Darmstadt   Schlosskeller
- 2005-04-22  GER   Frechen       Groove Club (Gunia Trio!)
- 2005-04-23  GER   Herborn       tba
- 2005-05-??  AUT                        austria tour 
- 2005-06-26  GER   Düsseldorf  Jazzrally (venue tba)

15. March 2005

> Eivind Aarset will perform as member of Jon Hassell Group @ 'festival du musique de jazz'  
in Amiens, France 2005-03-30 on occasion of the official release of Hassell's 
brand new album 'Maariva Street'
> throw back a view to the late 2004 on Dhafer Youssef's 'contemporary music network'
on tour with Eivind Aarset, Rune Arnesen, Audun Erlien and Arve Henriksen.
described as "...the mesmering tunisian vocalist and Oud player unites the spirituality of Sufi 
with the exvocative soundscapes of the norwegian electronic scene..."
12. March 2005 > JazzEcho reviewed the Jazzland Sessions 2004 (w/all objects of our desire) and offers a short stream

> Bugge Wesseltoft Montreux 2004-07-09 on etree.
w/ Dhafer Youssef, Jonas Lonna, Rikard Gensollen, Olb Morten Vagen, Andreas Bye
> resfresh your memories: 
the 1998 tourposter with NPM & Khmer: Eivind Aarset, Audun Erlien, Raymond 'Darknose' Pellicer,
Rune Arnesen and Pal 'DJ Strangefruit' Nyhus in pics section at bottom of page
10. March 2005 > believe it or not: NPM bootleg seen @ german ebay !
NPM Willisau 1998-08-28 is offered at german ebay by seller: ponybonni, article: 4705966473 
"... biete eine sehr gut erhaltene CD (Bootleg ) des obigen Nils Petter Molvaer Konzertes (1998 ) an. Dieses Exemplar habe ich auf dem Flohmarkt erworben. Ich brenne es auch nicht ! (soviel schon einmal vorab!). Die CD kommt in einem Jewel Case (handelsübliche CD Verpackung), ohne (!) Tracklisting (einfach kopiertes Farbcover ist auch dabei - hauptsächlich in blau). Also. Ein Stück für Liebhaber von Nils' Sound. Live ja unglaublich der Mann..."
translation in brief:
"...offer a bootleg in good condition from a NPM concert 1998 Willisau. have bought this item on a flee market. will be delivered in a jewel case with out tracklisting but with a simple coverart. a bit for fans of NPM's sound. live incredible, this man...."
incredible ist nearly a correct description ! earlier offers from the same guy are reported.
what to do ? how to behave ? read about "honest+ethical smooth trading" in forum: recording+trading

> another 'REMAKES' review from
"recycle or die",  kindly provided by Stefan Weichert

> Bugge Wesseltoft will appear as sideman on new 'Beady Belle' record "Closer"
Jazzland release date in norway is march 7th, in germany april 25th.  more details in Bugge section
9. March 2005 > update on NPM tourdates, found at ECM:
- 2005-03-19   GBR   Gateshead    
The Sage, Gateshead Int. Jazz Festival
update on Eivind Aarset tourdates
- 2005-03-10   FRA   Amiens           Amiens Festival   (as Jon Hassell Group)
- 2005-03-19   NOR  Voss               Vossajaz   (as Jan Gunnar Hoff all-star-band)
- 2005-03-20  NOR  Voss               Vossajaz   (as Askeland/Rise: poems+poetry)
8. March 2005 > NPM @ FM: 16th of march, german FM SWR2 - 23:00 (GMT+1): 
"Jazztime: Silent Trumpets - from Bix Beiderbecke to Nils Petter Molvaer"
  > NPM @ FM: 13th of march, netherlands FM VPRO FM4 - 00:02 (GMT+1):
"het nieuwe Bimhuis: Nils Petter Molvaer Quintett"
  > Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endresen @ FM: 8th of march, german FM RBB Kulturradio - 23:35 (GMT+1)
"Keyboard-Zauberer und Gesangs-Magierin aus Norwegen"
7. March 2005 > next fresh Bugge Wesseltoft tourdate:
- 2005-03-12   NOR Porsgrunn    Grenland Jazzweekend @ KafeK    (w/ Audun Kleive)

> listen to 'Solide Saker - en hyllest til dum dum boys' (various artists).
NPM plays trumpet on 'Texas:  Glue'. see also discography section
5.  March 2005 > Uli has sent us a single pic of Eivind Aarset 2005-01-31 Karslruhe in pics section
flash light was not permitted so the photo is in low quality but may give you an impression

> again an easytree seed: NPM 1999-10-18 Gotenborg.
be aware of the different track times: our version is retracked to the correct time stamps !
  > german magazine JazzThetik reviews NPM Berlin 2005-02-07 and 'REMAKES' in one breath
  > a freak presents his guitar collection at the web - also a 'telecaster model Eivind Aarset'
3.  March 2005 > The Molde International Jazz Festival has gotten six hours coverage on BBC Radio 3 Christmas 2003. Presenter Fiona Talkington, known for her passion for Nordic music and culture, has hosted three two-hour-long shows about the festival. the feature covered among others NPM and Eivind Aarset

>  reviewed "9866" by Alex Gunia:
 w/ Nils Petter Molvaer, Ralph Pompe, Michael Klaukien, Phillip Sutter, Bugge Wesseltoft
NPM plays on "Below Zero" (3) and "The Spirit" (8)
27. February 2005 > read reviews about the new NPM release 'REMAKES'. 
JazzEcho(ger), hexadance (french), INX (esp), (jap), order here at
this album has lead to one of the most frequent discussions in forum:commercial releases

> Eivind Aarset as member on record "New Expensive Head", 2003. 
"...sensitive, seductive mix of cosmopolitan modern acoustic jazz is led by polish - born 
drummer Jacek Kochan"
  > next mystery: JENS Petter Molvaer @ Sonic - a german brass player magazine.
see yourself at german ebay

> austrian fusion guitarist Martin Koller gives credits to NPM on his album 'Right Now'
track no. 4. "Subharmonic Dawn (Liquid Mix) 
- dedicated to terri lyne carrington, nils petter molvaer + dj soulslinger"
25. February 2005 > a few new Bugge Wesseltoft tourdates for may 2005 in Bugge section, next is already tomorrow!
  > another review an NPM Oslo 2002-10-04 Rockefeller
  > german online music magazine reviewed "Khmer" in 1998
  > also published a review about Eivind Aarset's Connected including a small interview (in german)
24. February 2005 >  offers a 1 hour quicktime movie from Oslo 2003-05-03
  > upcoming tourdates
Nils Petter Molvaer

- 2005-03-03  GBR London          Sunkissed Festival @ Fabric  (NPM solo)
- 2005-03-18  GBR  Exeter          Phoenix Arts  (NPM solo)      
- 2005-03-19  FRA  Grenoble       tba (NPM solo)
- 2005-03-20 FRA  Grenoble       tba (NPM w/ band)
Eivind Aarset
- 2005-03-10  FRA  Amiens           Amiens Festival  (as Jon Hassell Group)
Bugge Wesseltoft
- 2005-03-04  GER   Mannheim    Jazzfest
- 2005-02-26  NOR  Oslo              Spellemannprisen

> Label Bleu, the french independent label, has confirmed the release of "Maarifa Street" the latest recording by Jon Hassell for march 10th. the album will be launched with a concert by Jon Hassell and his group: Peter Freeman, Rick Cox and Eivind Aarset, at the Amiens Festival on March 30th, most likely with Paolo Fresu and Dhafer Youssef as special guests
  > new photos in pics section from NPM Berlin 2005-02-07 Maria am Ufer, made by Hanno

> Bugge Wesseltoft and Michy Mano actually released a cd in january this year: 
'the cool side of the pillow'.
listen to the sound samples at bottom of page
22. February 2005 > for all those who love vocal jazz from norway: a well done Silje Nergaard fansite on the net
  > Michael from denmark found a bizarre document underway: this paper presents a novel use of a chemical experiments’ framework as a control layer and sound source in a concert situation.
let us know your impressions in forum:off topic
  > Ole has sent a link to a review about NPM @ Bergen 2005-02-11 Sardinen Kulturhuset USF.
(remember the funny story from december 2004 on all the different names for locations at Bergen )
  > forum member dewawa came up with an own page: dewawa's music page.
surf around and see pictures of NPM, Eivind & others as well as some additional informations

> PRAISE THE LORD ! the new NPM release 'REMAKES' is out :-)
Emarcy Records CD 060249870342, 21.2.2005  
1.  Axis Of Ignorance (Funkstörung's Mass Destruction Remix), 2. Hurry Slowly (Herbert's Moving Mix),
3. Marrow (Sofa Version), 4. Axis Of Ignorance (Pavel And Marsh Remix), 
5. Frozen (Side Brok's Dagen Derpa Remix), 6. Little Indian (Aggie Frost's Manestrale-Miks)
7. Little Indian (Bugge's Indiana Jens Mix), 8. Frozen (Bill Laswell Remix), 9. Simply So (TeeBee Mix),
10. Simply So (So Simply Mix), 11. Little Indian (Koller Mix), 

JazzEcho, Musiktipps24, and listen here at

12. February 2005

> Carsten found a moody review about NPM's solo tour gig in Skien 2005-02-04 
and translated for us in forum: live music
  > two artistic live photos from Nancy 2002-10-14 Jazz Pulsations
  > picture from the good old days: Ferrara 1998-07-21
  > very cool, Mr. Molvaer! see this asian picture page
  > at last: the mysterious Nils PERRER Molvaer @ Catania 2004-07-02

5. February 2005

> first impressions of NPM's solo tour in words & photos from Skien 2005-02-04. 
read Carsten's review in forum: live music and see the pictures here
  > believe it or not: Jens Arne Molvaer, norwegian saxophon & klarinett player and NPM's father, 
wrote us a letter - read more in 'exclusive' section
  > after-gig-pics of Eivind Aarset's gear from Karlsruhe 2005-01-31 in'pictures' section. 
no chance for more photos - it was a chaired concert

4. February 2005

>  the new Laurent Garnier record "the cloud making machine" was released yesterday. 
guest appearance: Bugge Wesseltoft
  > norsk newspaper 'aftenbladet' published an article about Nils Petter's solo tour & the upcoming album.
fabulous Anne made a rough summary for us non-norwegians (with question marks....about the content):
"it says that this Remakes album is Molvaer himself who is remixing stuff of other people (Frost and Sidebrok and others). It's not people who will remix _one more time_ the stuff of Molvær. (This album is coming out in February.) So it seems that the discussion in the forum was based on a misunderstanding...
THEN in fall 2005, Molvaer will release a new solo album with new compositions and he's also working on the sound track of this french movie "requiem"

> the etree thingie becomes more molvaerish:
Nils Petter Molvaer @ Jazzfest Tokyo 2002-08-25 as SVCD

31. January 2005

> today is Eivind Aarset day - hope to meet you there !
- 2005-01-31  GER  Karslruhe   Tollhaus   20:30

30. January 2005

> again at etree a Nils Petter Molvaer 'bootleg'-dvd is listed: Tokyo 2002-08-25.
the details: Nils Petter Molvaer band and Herbie Hancock joined after their gigs for a monster jam:
SUPER UNIT - meet the future -  3 untitled songs over 52 min. in amazing quality by bshi tv (Japan)

> we've learned a lot about textural guitar playing - it was one of the most noticed topics last weeks. is further proud to feature a forum member's internet presence:
guitar player Simeon Harris (member name: simeon) from London. visit the page for informations 
about his music and gear as well as sound samples and read the biography at cdbaby


> maybe you're wondering about the signs "", "" or ">" in discography sections. 
explanation is simple: all records we own are marked with a green or red bullet.
the arrows (>) indicate missing releases. so if you have one of these cds/lps,
please let us know and send a copy or at least a cover scan to complete our documentary collection !

28. January 2005

> next tourdate announcement:  
C. Calpini and P. Audétat present STADE featuring Infinite Livez & Nils Petter Molvaer  
- 2005-04-01   CHE   Cully   Jazzfestival

> is proud to announce a forum member's internet presence: 
pro sax player Philip Wigfall (P_Wig) @ cdbaby: bio + sound samples. read an interview and a further review on his latest release. leave your impressions in forum: scandinavian jazz&similar music
  > 'allaboutjazz' reported earlier about Montreal 23rd International Jazz Festival 2002:
Nils Petter Molvaer 2002-06-28  and  Eivind Aarset 2002-06-30
26. January 2005 > ECM made 1997/98 a promotional videoclip of "Song of Sand", about 4 mins. unfortunately the file size is over 80 MB, otherwise it would have been offered here. see the new entry in unofficials section
  > Eivind Aarset on tour with Arild Andersen band:
- 2005-04-13   NOR   Oslo       Cosmopolite
- 2005-07-18   NOR   Molde    Moldejazz
  > Eivind Aarset plays also the guitar on the upcoming Arild Andersen record 'Electra'
this will be released at ECM soon, probably in april....... (see above)

> this year brings a rich harvest - also on tour: Alex Gunia
- 2005-02-11    GER    Wuppertal      Out Back
- 2005-02-18   GER    Neu-Ulm          Café d'Art
- 2005-02-24   GER   Bonn                Klangstation
- 2005-02-25   GER   Regensburg     Jazzclub
- 2005-03-01   GER    Köln                Stadtgarten
- 2005-03-03   GER   Dresden          Tante Ju
- 2005-03-04   GER   Wetzlar          Francis
- 2005-03-05   GER   Magdeburg     Projekt 7
- 2005-03-18    GER   Darmstadt       Schlosskeller
- 2005-03-22   GER   Berlin              A-Trane
  > funny enough, too: the new Alex Gunia record is also named 'Remakes'. release date feb/mar 2005
at JazzSick Records/Edel Contraire. this cd will contain remixes by Andy Toma (Mouse on Mars), 
Rob Acid, Dr. Walker (Air Liquide), and others incl. the tracks with NPM from last record '9866':
for more informations see discography section

25. January 2005

> Weisi digged out from his  vaults: 'Technics Jazzport' (DVD) as supplement to german HiFi magazine 'Audio', 2000. Panasonic/Technics presents the JAM-Festival: Hamburg Festivalzelt vor den Deichtorhallen, 2000. this promo DVD contains several NPM fragments incl. soundcheck + interview.
more info to come in discography section ...
  > rumours changed to indications: Eivind Aarset will join Jon Hassel's group for some gigs this spring.
keep your eyes wide open and watch the tour announcements.
23. January 2005 > JazzEcho is the first to report and Mikael the first to detect: 'REMAKES' - the new NPM remix-album !
for those who are not able to read german, here in brief: "Ooops, he did it again" (title): 
the new CD will be released mid of february and contains works of Bugge, Raymond Pellicer, 
Peter Koller,  Rune Arnesen(!), TeeBee, Side Brok, Aggie Frost-Peterson & others
  > first informations from Ole about the upcoming Vossajazz 2005:
Jan Gunnar Hoff has written a special piece for the festival (like NPM did some years ago).
Aarset will play in the band - date is not published but this will happen between 18th and 20th of march.
on 19th: "under stjernone". Edv. Askeland, Hildegunn Rise, Per Jørgensen, Eivind Aarset, Paolo Vinaccia. according to the text it will be Askeland/Rise reading lyrics in front of an all-star band (incl. Aarset)

> another Eivind Aarset audience recording can be leeched at ETREE: 
Oslo 2004-12-04  Jazzland Sessions @ Blå Club
  > Bugge at frontpage of Blå Club  programme nov/dec 2004
22. January 2005 > obviously there is an upcoming new Molvær remix album! Mikael found this hint:
"Aggie remixes Nils Petter Molvær: due to be released on Molvær's remix-album, in the very beginning of 2005! Aggie has done a beautiful and girly mix of "Little Indian". have a look at Molvær's site as we're waiting for more info to come". this can be read at the melodica/frost page
  > germans news magazine 'Der Spiegel' offers 
a brandnew online-interview with Nils Petter Molvaer (in german)
  > new tourdate:
Bugge Wesseltoft     2005-02-17
   NOR     Lillehammer     Frozen Waterfall Festival  (Bugge solo)
20. January 2005 > more details, pictures and a review on Mainz 2004-30-09: 
'Der mit dem Apple tanzt' by 'Nordische Musik' (in german) 

> Eivind Aarset's gig @ European Jazztival, Elmau 2004-10-30,  broadcasted by DLF, 
can be leeched at etree for those who have access (thanks 'dewawa'). 
tracklist and coverart to come soon...

> all new  entries in the following pages are marked for a better oversight over an appropriate while

15. January 2005

> it's Bugge-time again: norwegian TV featured 'Buddy til Bugge' in its morning magazine.
'Buddy' is a norwegian price for outstanding performance in jazz music. see the webcast here
  > today Bugge Wesseltoft performes today at StåOppJazz in Bergen, Norway.
Anne: please give Bugge our best regards!
  > DJ Strangefruit & Jan Bang will also  appear there at Bergen 2005-02-12
  > Eivind Aarset composed and performed in 2002 the music for a norwegian tv serial: 'det tredje tegnet'. 
taste a small sound sample from 'stemning', and see also the Eivind Aarset subpage

13. January 2005

> january, 7th 2005: Nils Petter & band performed 'Little Indian' live for the charity broadcast 'en ny hverdag' for the asian flood victims. this event can be seen on norwegian webcast
go to bottom of page, follow the link "Se «En ny hverdag» på web-TV" and choose "En ny hverdag forts. "
you must register, but it's free :-) >> fast forward to 57 mins. 
  > NPM is again featuring on a new album of David Sylvian, called 'the good son vs the only daughter'
(blemish remixed). NPM is on track 8. see for details:
thanks to Gerrit from for this news
  > Pål "DJ Strangefruit" Nyhus again on the web @ Horten Jazzclub, Norway.
Anne's brief summary: "It says that on his next gig, Mr Pål Nyhus will make a full striptease and then whip Jan Bang. It is also about this nomination that Pål got last year for "best DJ in Norway". Then that he had during several years this radio show on NRK Petre that the big heads decided to delete. So it was a big revolution is Oslo, with people throwing stones and burning cars."

12. January 2005

> gentlemen, prepare your tape decks for the next challenge: 
Eivind Aarset 2004-10-30 Elmau @ german fm DLF (Deutschlandfunk), january 17th. 2005
> allaboutjazz, italy,  published a lang article about NPM's musical collaborations (in italian)
> found an older review on 'Recoloured' in german online jazzforum 'bubblehouse'.
surf a bit around - it's a well done platform!
  > here you can read some short descriptions of our norwegian musicians on the occasion of
the  'Strings-of-Fire' Crossover-Festival, Leipzig 2004 (in german)

10. January 2005

> Michael from denmark sent us this link. his comment: Molvaer-music in pictures
do you feel similar or what makes NPM's music happen with you ?  >> forum: news 
  > tough Anne has translated the Bugge interview 1993 into english. 
see in forum:Superkeys or follow this >>>>
  > restless Jan has again spent some nights for investigations. see all the links on sidemen-CDs
  > more brand new tourdates:
Nils Petter Molvaer    
2005-07-29  Kassel         Kulturzelt an der Drahtbrücke
                                      2005-07-27  Jena            Kulturarena
                                      2005-02-18   Antwerpen  Schouwburg Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal
Eivind Aarset               2005-05-12   Berlin
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8. January 2005

> again Anne: an old Bugge interview from 1993 with funny pictures - published here with kindly permission of jazznytt and stored for later use in Bugge sub-page at bottom
  > more about DJ Strangefruit's poll win in 2002 and the competitors (2nd to 10th place :-)
  > Marcello found this page: Eivind Aarset's endorsement with Ableton. they offer also small videos
of how to use this equipment ('live for movies' on the right hand side)

7. January 2005

> the regular forum readers should know, now for ALL:
Paul made a new album called "Mungolian Jet Set", release date about april this year. 
information on lineage and content can be read here in the forum:Supervinyl:DJ Strangefruit
hey Paul, thanks a lot for getting this information first hand! 
  > here an older article from bostonphoenix:
'Birth of the Cool:  Norwegians rule at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal' 2002-06-28
  > a Dennis Gonzales interview in jazz webzine 'onefinalnote'  over 3 pages gives us light 
from every corner in his life. more from Dennis in exclusive section

6. January 2005

> Anne made it and we are the first to know:  the 2005 Bugge Wesseltoft tourdates (so far)
   - 2005-01-15  NOR Bergen     
StåOppJazz (Bugge Solo)
   - 2005-01-19  NOR Finse         Finse Jazz (Bugge Solo)
   - 2005-01-27  CHE Chiasso      Jazz Fest
   - 2005-03-04 GER Mannheim  Jazz Fest
further tourdates to fill your filofax with see the Bugge sub-page
  > new NPM tourdate
   - 2005-03-03 GBR London      Sunkissed Festival - Fabrik
  > we have waited long for some news & information about Paul_N alias DJ Strangefruit in osloplus
about his poll win in 2002 (norways best DJ), his fathership and and and...
guess some of us will translate this for you, at least a brief summary in english

5. January 2005

> to all the newbies:
you can automatically
monitor this page for every update via email.  don't mind on spam - it's secure.


> do also not forget to register to the forum  - it's free and brings you some additional features
like notifications, instant messaging (very usefull), and contatct to the community (if you like)
> last but not least please leave me a message in the guestbook.
that might be good for my physical and mental well-being :-)
4. January 2005 > go to norwegian broadcaster and listen to an NPM feature 'med mac og trumpet'. it contains
interviews and 2 live performed songs with mac+trumpet: 'dead life' & 'little indian'. 
catched it this night from the web and burned a fragment-series-cd Oslo 2004-11-24
  > to feature the new Bugge section, follow this link to and read more about 'Film'ing' in norwegian
  > to feature the new Eivind Aarset section, read a lot of stuff in this german interview from 
'Nordische Musik' including a detailed equipment list at bottom of page 
(the origin source of Eivind's Equip in forum:tech talk)
3. January 2005 > today just a brief note: a new Bugge section is born with the aid of ANNE (lot of thanks!).
this site is dedicated to norwegian keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft (Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft). 
together with Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset and other names you will find on this website
he's a major contributor to the actual scandinavian electro-jazz scene.
see also the category in forum:Superkeys: Bugge Weseltoft, moderated by Anne (who else :-)
1. January 2005 > read  a NPM summary in a Jazzwise article, published by, the official norway site in UK
  > did you know? Eivind Aarset made also soundtracks for 2 short films. 
more details on brand-new Eivind Aarset sub-page



mark your calendars for the upcoming tourdates! -> see also tourdates section and calendar
Nils Petter Molvaer (rikskonsertene solo tour: additional information at NPMs web page)
   - 2005.01-27 NOR Longyearbyen   Polar Jazz
   - 2005-02-01 NOR Oslo                   Club Blå
   - 2005-02-02 NOR Horten              Bakketeigen Kulturhus
   - 2005-02-03 NOR Bø                      Kroa i Bø
   - 2005-02-04 NOR Skien                Ibsenhuset
   - 2005-02-05 NOR Kongsberg        Energimølla
   - 2005-02-06 NOR Lillehammer     Kulturhuset Banken
   - 2005-02-07 GER Berlin                Maria am Ufer
Eivind Aarset Trio
   - 2005-01-28 TUR Istanbul             Indigo Music Hall
   - 2005-01-31  GER Karlsruhe          Tollhaus
   - 2005-02-01 GER Munich              Unterfahrt
   - 2005-02-03 AUT St.Pölten          Schauspielhaus
   - 2005-02-06 POL Katowice          Jazz Club Hipnoza

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