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the collector’s list of all known NPM releases and collaborations.

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> 1/1 Emarcy Records (Universal) B00E1USKDY,  8. Oktober 2013
1. Noise 1, 2. Step by Step, 3. Transition, 4. Development, 5. Further, 6. Future,
7. Developkment (Ricardo Mix Dig), 8. Noise 2
Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet), Moritz von Oswald (programming, recording, synthesizing),
Laurens von Oswald (programming, recording, synthesizing)
> Baboon Moon Sula Records /Sony Music 88697959962, released September 16, 2011
1. Mercury Heart, 2. A Small Realm, 3. Recoil, 4. Bloodline, 5. Sleep with Echoes,
6. Blue Fandango, 7. Prince of Calm, 8. Coded, 9. Baboon Moon
Nils Petter Molvaer (tp, voc), Stian westerhus (g), Erland Dahlen (dr),
Susanne Sundfør (voc on Babon Moon)
> Hamada Emarcy Rec (Universal) 4086959 -  ASIN B001URUZ8E, released on  april 17th, 2009
1. Exhumation, 2. Sabkah, 3. Icy altitude, 4. Friction , 5. Monocline, 6. Soft moon shine, 7. Monocline revised,
8. Cruel altitude, 9. Lahar, 10. Anticline

Nils Petter Molvaer (tp, voc), Elvind Aarset (g, prog),
Audun Erlien (b), Audun Keive (dr), Jan Bang (sampling)

>  "re-vision"   released on  May 13th, 2008
and contains a lot of NPM's soundtrack work. titles:
1. Torn, 2. The Beginning, 3. Alone In The Bathtub, 4. Visitation, 5. Arctic Dub, 6. Perimeters
7. Trp Prayer In the Back Yard, 8. The End, 9. The Visitor, 10. Azad's Theme, 11. Decisions
12. Leaps And Bounds

> An American Compilation Thirsty Ear Records B000FIGGM8, release date June 6th, 2006
1. Water, 2. Solid Ether, 3. Nebulizer, 4. Kakonita, 5. Kakonita (Deathprod Mix)
6. Darker, 7. Vilderness (Live From Hamburg), 8. Little Indian 9. Frozen
10. Tabula Rasa, 11. Only These Things Count

> "Edy" (CD) Soundtrack Digipack, Soundtrackpartner / Wagram Music B000BWHE8I, 31.10.2005
music by Nils Petter Molvaer;
NPM - trumpet, bass, keys, progr., Eivind Aarset - guitar, Reidar Skar - keys, editing, Anders Engen - drums, perc
1. the beginning, 2. Carwash, 3. waiting for Edy, 4. violent trip, 5. the little french man, 6. hospital corridors,
7. alone in the bathtub, 8.  my dog is dead, 9. burn, 10. a walk in the forest, 11. caugh ton tape,
12. trumpet player in the backyard, 13. the end, 14. it had to be you


"ER" (CD) Emarcy / Universal records CD 06024 9874157, 28.10.2005  
Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet, keyboards, basses, soundscapes, samples, drum programming, Sidsel Endresen - voice (on “Water” & “Only These Things Count”), Elin Rosseland - voice (“Softer”),  Eivind Aarset - guitars, Erik Honoré - keyboards, Magne Furuholmen - piano (“Only These Things Count”), Ingebrigt Flaten - acoustic bass, Rune Arnesen - drums &  percussion,  Helge Norbakken - percussion (“Only These Things Count” & “Dancer”), Pål ”Strangefruit” Nyhus - programming, mixing, vinyl channeling, drum programming, bass & production, Knut Sævik - programming, editing, mixing, drum programming, wah-wah bass, & production, Jan Bang - samples & drum programming, Reidar Skår - mixing & production


Remakes”   (CD) Emarcy Records CD 060249870342, 21.2.2005    JazzEcho, Musiktipps24
1.  Axis Of Ignorance (Funkstörung's Mass Destruction Remix), 2. Hurry Slowly (Herbert's Moving Mix),
3. Marrow (Sofa Version), 4. Axis Of Ignorance (Pavel And Marsh Remix), 
5. Frozen (Side Brok's Dagen Derpa Remix), 6. Little Indian (Aggie Frost's Manestrale-Miks)
7. Little Indian (Bugge's Indiana Jens Mix), 8. Frozen (Bill Laswell Remix), 9. Simply So (TeeBee Mix),
10. Simply So (So Simply Mix), 11. Little Indian (Koller Mix)          

> Streamer”   (CD) + (SACD), (Promo CD in a simple paper cover) Sula/Absolute M (edel) 0150002ABM/NPMCD1, 30.08.2004

recorded live 2002 at Marquee Club, London (28.10.)  and Tampere Jazz Happening, Finnland (1.11.)

1. Frozen, 2. Marrow, 3. Little Indian, 4. Kakonita, 5. Sauna, 6. Simply So, 7. Hurry Slowly, 8. Solid Ether
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, additional loops and samples,  Eivind Aarset - guitar, Audun Erlien - bass, Rune Arnesen - drums, DJ Strangefruit - turntables, Raymond C. Pellicer - loops and electronics, Bill Laswell - add. Bass

> Live”   (DVD), Universal 00440 0661999, 10.02.2003

recorded at Jazzport Festival Hamburg 2001-07-11, 
1. Vilderness, 2. Platonic Years, 3. Kakonita, 4. Solid Ether, 5. Marrow, 6. Nebulizer,
7. Song of Sand, 
8. Tløn,  9. Trip
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, Eivind Aarset - guitar, Audun Erlien - bass, Rune Arnesen - drums, 

DJ Strangefruit - turntables, Raymond C. Pellicer - electronics


> NP3  (CD)  Sula / Universal 017 795-2, 01.07.2002

produced by Nils Petter Molvaer, co-prduced by Reidar Skår, “Nebulizer” produced by Deathprod; 

1. Tabula Rasa, 2. Axis Of Ignorance, 3. Hurry Slowly, 4. Marrow, 5. Frozen, 6. Presence,
7. Simply So, 8. Little Indian, 9. Nebulizer
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, samples, beats, loops, drum programming, sound carpets, bass, voice editing, voices, Eivind Aarest - guitars, Raymond C. Pellicer - bassloops, electronic beats, samples, distorted bass, voice editing, Paal Nyhus - Vinyl, distant noices, samples, loops, soundscapes, Audun Erlien - bass, Rune Arnesen - drums, drum programming, Reidar Skår - drum programming, Sidsel Endresen - distant voices, TeeBee - beats, synthriff, Peer Ursfjord - drum programming

> Recoloured – The Remix Album” (CD), also as Promo CD in paper cover, Universal 013 591-2, 11.5.2001
1. Merciful (Herbert's We Mix), 2. Dead Indeed (Jan Bang's 7:00 AM Mix), 3. Solid Ether (Underlying Love Mix by Joakim Lone), 4. Vilderness (Cinematic Orchestra Mix), 5. Vilderness (Chilluminati Mix), 6. Ligotage (Phonoversion), 7. Kakonita (Deathprod Mix), 8. Dead Indeed (Tunnel Mix by Mind Over Midi), 9. Ligotage (TeeBee Mix), 10. Solid Ether (Funkstoerung Mix), 11. Dead Indeed (Pascal Gabriel Mix), 12. Merciful/Ligotage (Incunabula Mix by Bill Laswell)


"Solid Ether" (CD)   ECM  1722 543 365-2,  05.2000

recorded 1999, Recording Producer: Nils Petter Molvaer, Album Producer: Manfred Eicher; 

1. Dead Indeed, 2. Vilderness 1, 3. Kakonita, 4. Merciful 1, 5. Ligotage, 6. Trip, 7. Vilderness 2, 8. Tragamar, 9. Solid Ether, 10. Merciful 2

Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, synthesizer, electronics, bass, percussion, sound treatments, Eivind Aarset - guitar, electronics, Audun Erlien -  bass, DJ Strangefruit: - voices, beats, samples, ambience, Per Lindvall -  drums, Rune Arnesen -  drums, Sidsel Endresen - vocals, Reidar Skar - vocoder

> "Khmer" (CD)
recorded 1996-97, Producer: Manfred Eicher, ECM 1650 537 798-2, 19.01.1998
1. Khmer, 2. Tløn, 3. Access / Song Of Sand I, 4. On Stream,
5. Platonic Years, 6. Phum, 7. Song Of Sand II, 8. Exit
Nils Petter Molvaer: trumpet, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, samples, Eivind Aarset: electric guitar, effects, ambient treatments, Ulf W. Ø. Holand: samples, Morten Mølster: electric guitar, Roger Ludvigsen: acoustic guitar, percussion, dulcimer, Rune Arnesen: drums, Reidar Skar: samples, keyboards



> on vinyl & promos


x "An American Compilation" Thirsty Ear Records B000FIGGM8, release date June 6th, 2006
Water; Solid Ether; Nebulizer; Kakonita; Kakonita (Deathprod Mix); Darker; Vilderness (Live From Hamburg);
Little Indian; Frozen; Tabula Rasa; Only These Things Count


"Khmer" (promo 2-CD)
1.  ECM1560 78118-21560-2, ECM made in USA. 
2. Remixes ECM1560/M RCDJ-63320-2 
comes with a grey booklet (For Promtional Use Only - Not For Sale)


Khmer – The Remixes” (Maxi CD)  ECM 1560/M 569 493-2, 1998

1. Song Of Sand (Single Edit), 2. Platonic Years (DJ Fjørd Mix by The Herbaliser), 

3. Tløn (Dance Mix by Mental Overdrive), 4. Song Of Sand II (Costal Warning Mix by Rockers Hi-Fi)

> "Khmer Special Remix Edition" (Maxi CD)  ECM 1560/S (Promo), 1997
1. The Herbaliser: Platonic Years(DJ Fjørd Mix), 2. Rockers Hi-Fi: Song Of Sand II (Costal Warning Mix)[long Version!], 3. Mental Overdrive: Tløn (Dance Mix), 4. Mother Nature’s Cloud & Shower Show: Song Of Sand (Mix), 5. Nils Petter Molvaer: Tlön, 6. Nils Petter Molvaer: Song of Sand II

> "Khmer Remixes" (Maxi Vinyl)  ECM 1560 537798-2, 1997
A 1. The Herbaliser: Platonic Years(DJ Fjørd Mix), 2. Mental Overdrive: Tløn (Dance Mix), 3. Mother Nature’s Cloud & Shower Show: Song Of Sand (Mix) B 1. Rockers Hi-Fi: Song Of Sand II (Costal Warning Mix)[long Version!], 2. Nils Petter Molvaer: Tlön, 3. Nils Petter Molvaer: Song of Sand II


Ligotage” (Maxi CD) ECM  1560 / L 567 425-2, 27.06.1998

1. Ligotage, 2. Song Of Sand (Remix by Mother Nature’s Cloud & Shower Show), 3. On Stream

Nils Petter Molvaer: trumpet, Eivind Aarset: guitar, Reidar Skår: keyboards, Audun Erlien: bass, Rune Arnesen: drums 

> Solid Ether (promo) Universal 158 101-1, 2000


The Solid Ether Remixes Vol. 1” (Maxi Vinyl) Universal 158 101-1, 06.2000

A 1. Merciful – Herbert’s We Mix, B 1. Solid Ether – Herbert’s Horn Mix


The Solid Ether Remixes Vol. 2” (Maxi Vinyl)  Universal 158 309-1, 2000
A 1. Ligotage – TeeBee Remix, B 1. Dead Indeed – TeeBee Remix


The Solid Ether Remixes Vol. 3” (Maxi Vinyl)  Universal 158 628-1, 06.2001

A 1.  Solid Ether – Funkstörung Remix, B 1. Solid Ether – Joakim Lone’s Underlying Love Remix


Recoloured – The Remix Album” (3 LP Set)   Universal 158 649-1, 2001

LP 1  A 1. Merciful (Herbert's We Mix), 2. Ligotage (TeeBee Mix), 3. Solid Ether (Funkstoerung Mix), B 1. Ligotage (Phonoversion), 2. Vilderness (Mental Overdrive Mix), LP 2 A 1. Dead Indeed (Jan Bang's 7:00 AM Mix), 2. Vilderness (Chilluminati Mix), B 1. Dead Indeed (Trulz/Robin Mix), 2. Trip (Tommy Tee Mix), LP 3 A 1. Solid Ether (Underlying Love Mix by Joakim Lone), 2. Ligotage (Aqueous Dub Mix by DJ Josh), 3. Dead Indeed (Pascal Gabriel Mix), B 1. Kakonita (Deathprod Mix), 2. Vilderness (Cinematic Orchestra Mix), 3. Merciful/Ligotage (Incunabula Mix by Bill Laswell)


Recoloured – Excerpts from the Remix Album” (3promo cd) , 2001

for promotional use only - not for sale



NP3 – Limited Edition  (CD)  Sula / Universal 018 920-2, 2002

Bonus Tracks: 10. Frozen (DTS Surround Mix), 11. DVD Rom Part (= Vilderness live in Hamburg )

> Marrow” (Promo Maxi CD)
"exclusive pre-listening copy -for free-"  as simple paper sleeve
'Marrow' 7:20


Frozen / Hurry Slowly” (Promo Maxi Vinyl)  Sula / Universal NP3PRO 01, 2002

A 1. Hurry Slowly – Herberts On The Move Mix, B 1. Frozen – Experimental Mix (The Barracuda Mix)


Frozen / Axis of Ignorance” (Promo Maxi Vinyl)  Sula / Universal 019 505-1

A 1. Axis Of Ignorance – Pavel & Mashi Remix, B 1. Frozen – Northern Light Mix (Bill Laswell)


The Hot Rod EP (Maxi CD) not on Label [CD came with The Designers Republic issue of Hot Rod magazine]

1. Frozen (Barracuda Experimental Mix), 2. Nebulizer (Deathprod. Remix), 

3. Little Indian (DJ Darknose Mix)



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  x Dhafer Youssef "Birds Requiem" Via OKeh Records  January 2014
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer and Eivind Aarset
  x Jan Bang "Narrative from the Subtropics" Jazzland Recordings 2013
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer
  x Trilok Gurtu "Spellbound" Indigo M06864,  march 2013
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer, Ibrahim Maalouf and Paolo Fresu
x Food (Stroenen/Bellamy) "Mercurial Balm" ECM 2269,  march 2012
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer
and Eivind Aarset
x Manu Katché "Manu Katché" ECM 2284,  march 2012 (link)
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer
and Tore Brunborg
  x Silje Nergaard "Unclouded" PID records april 3, 2012 (link)
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer
and John Scofield

Jan Eggum "Kjærlighet & Ærlighet 2" Grappa Records 2011 (link)
contributions by Nils Petter Molvaer, Audun Erlien and Bugge Wesseltoft

x Silje Hrafa " Frelsesarmeens Juleplate 2010" Bigbox / Universal BBRCD036
the Norwegian Salvation Army releases an album every Christmas, and this year,
with Silje Hrafa as the main artist, features Nils Petter Molvaer as one of the guests.
> Spin Marvel - The Reluctantly Politicised Mr. James  EDN1020, UK Release Date: 28th June 2010
Martin France – drums, Nils Petter Molvaer – trumpet, John Parricelli – guitar, Tim Harries – bass, Terje Evensen – Percussion
> Jan Bang "...and poppies from Kandahar" Samadhisound  (sound-cd ss018), 25.5.2010
featuring Jon Hassell, Nils Petter Molvær, Arve Henriksen, and Sidsel Endresen

Sienná “Essence” (2010) ABON RECORDS, ABN0009
 NPM plays on the track “Dance on the White Rhythms”

>  Ian Bellamy's Food "Quiet Inlet"  16.4.2010
musicians among others:
Thomas Stronen, Nils Petter Molvaer, Christian Fennesz, Iain Ballamy

Somma "23 Wheels Of Dharma" RareNoiseRecords Store, 2010
It features a core of six tibetan monks with myself on treated guitars and electronics,
 Bill Laswell, Hamid Drake, Nils Petter Molvaer and the voices of Raiz, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and the vocal trio Faraualla.

x Knut Reiersrud  "Gitar" 2009 Jazzland 2714394
Knut Reiersrud - guitars, Bugge Wesseltoft - drums, bass, Fender Rhodes, hammond organ,
Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet
x Christina Bjordal - "Warrior of Light" 2009 EmArcy 1779583
Christina Bjordal - voc, Anders Aarum - piano, Marius Reksjø - bass, Harald Levang - drums,, Ole Marius Sandberg - bass, Bugge Wesseltoft - piano, Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet, Chiara Civello - vocals, Mathias Eick - trumpet, Bendik Hofseth - saxophone, Nils Olav Johansen - g
x Mungolian Jet Set  "We Gave It All Away, Now We Are Taking It Back" 2009 Smalltown Supersound STS158CD (2CD)
Pål "Strangefruit" Nyhus, Knut Petter Sævik, with Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset, Mari Boine a.o.,
x Kristin Asbjörnsen "The Night Shines Like The Day" 2009 Emarcy Records 0602517899049
w/ Tord Gustavsen, Olav Torget, Svante Henryson, Knut Aalefjær, Jostein Ansnes, Sizwe Magwaza
and as guest on "Moment"  Nils Petter Molvær

Kristin Solli Schøien  “Herman Wildenvey: Jeg Synger Min Sang For Vinden” (2008) HERMAN RECORDS: HERMAN002

> Hector Zazou & Swarea - "In the House of Mirrors" 2008 Crammed Discs CRAW47
Toir Kuziyev - tambur & oud, Milind Raykar - violin, Ronu Majumdar - flute, Manish Pingle - Indian slide guitar, Carlos Nuñez - flute
Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet, Diego Amador - piano, Zoltan Lantos - violin, Bill Rieflin - percussion
x Benedicte Torget - "After the Rain" 2008 Present Recordings PRECD081
Benedicte Torget - vocals, Øystein Sevåg - keyboards, Olav Torget - guitars, Gjermund Silset - bass, Helge Norbakken - percussion,
Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet on one track
> Brinkmanship "Live in Willisau - Next Waves I" - August 31, 2007 (released march 7th, 2008, Unit/Muve UTR 4206
Jan Galega Brönnimann - sopransax, kontrabassclarinet, Nils Petter Molvær -  trumpet, Nya - vocals, electronics, René Reimann - guitar, electronics, Emanuel Schnyder - double bass, electric bass, Christoph Staudenmann - drums, computer
> Shirley  Bassey "Get The Party Started" Lock, Stock and Barrel Records 25.6.2007
Nils Petter Molvaer contributed ´to this Shirlesy Bassey compilation with a remix of  "Can I Touch You There"  
> "Shockadelica - 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Artist Known As Prince", 2008 C+C Records SHOCK1,
5 CDs, limited edition of 5000 copies on
ly.  Among the contributions are:
Anneli Drecker and Bugge Wesseltoft "I Wish you Heaven", Bendik Hofseth "Starfish And Coffee", Håkon Kornstad "Greatest Romance Ever Been Sold", Nils Petter Molvær feat. Sidsel Endresen & DJ Strangefruit: "Sign 'O' the Times"
x Sienna "A Pure Land", ABN0007, Abòn Records 2008
Nils Petter Molvaer contributed to the song & 1st music video Dance Of The White Rhythms
from a Japanese electronica-club-jazz artist SIENNA ( who is based in Norway
> Hector Zazou / Katie Jane Garside "Corps électriques", Radio France, SIG 11049
Nils Petter Molvaer - tr on all tracks, Katie Jane Garside, Bill Riefli
n, Lone Kent

> Anne Grete Preus "Om igjen for første gang" , 2007 Warner 5051442200928,
Anne Grete Preus - vocals, ac guitars, Anders Engen - ac guitar, grand piano, Audun Erlien - bass, synthesizer, Eivind Aarset - ac & el guitars, banjo, Jon Balke - keyboards, Erland Dahlen - drums, percussion, Bendik Hofseth - sax,  Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet
x Deeyah "Ataraxis",  (CD) Heilo/Grappa Records  , 26.11.2007 
Along with special guest musicians Bob James, Andy Summers and Nils Petter Molvœr
Deeyah creates an exciting and eclectic new album 'Ataraxis'
> Johannes Enders "dome", (CD) Intuition Records, INT 34902 
Johannes Enders: tenorsaxophone, bass clarinet, alto flute, electronis, phillicorda organ / Nils Petter Molvaer: trumpet / U. Wangenheim: bass clarinet / R. Schmidt: church organ / S. Schlamminger: dohol, tomback, electronics / J. Hollenbeck: drums, perc.

NIC ”Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation” Malicious Damage,MD629, 2007
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, horn on "Tume"

> Harald Haerter "CatScan II"  (CD) Unit Records,  UTR 4167,  05.10.2007
Harald Haerter – guitar, Florian Stoffner – guitar, Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone, Joe Lovano – tenor saxophone, Chris Potter – tenor saxophone, Erik Truffaz – trumpet, Nils Petter Molvaer – trumpet on 4) "Lulas"


Fanu/Laswell "Lodge"  (CD) Phantom Sound&Vision, 25.12.2007
Fanu - breaks, loops, and dark fun, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, Graham Haynes - trumpet, Bernie Worrell: keyboards, Bill Laswell: fender bass,
> Shin E "Lightyears"  (CD)  12.6.2007
Shin Terai with Bill Laswell, Buckethead, Bernie, Gigi and Nils Petter Molvaer
> Method of Defiance "The only way to go is down"  (CD) Sublight, 2006 
Bill Laswell - bass/producer, sound destroyer Submerged, drummer Guy Licata.
11) "Aether" with Nils Petter Molvaer - tr, Karsk Kale - dr
> Lars Danielsson "Melange Bleu"  (CD) Act (edel) 1. September 2006 
Lars Danielsson - cello, Nils Petter Molvaer - tr, Bugge Wesseltoft - piano, Eivind Aarset - git, Jan Bang - samples,
DJ Strangefruit - vinyl, others
> Mike Mainieri "Northern Lights", 2006 NYC Records NYC6037.2 
NPM plays trumpet on this album in addition to the others mentioned
> Gigi "Gold & Wax"  (CD) Palm / Vital (rough trade) 16. May 2006 
Nils Petter Molvaer, Trumpet, produced by Bill Laswell
  x Jan Bang & Eric Honoré  - Punkt live remixes" (CD) upcoming in summer 2006  
an album which is  based on the exclusive recordings in the remix room during the punkt festival- it includes beautiful contributions from the likes of Hassell, Molvær, Endresen, Hu Vibrational, Kleive, DJ Strangefruit, Jon Christensen and others
> Jan Bang & Eric Honoré "Punkt: Crime Scenes"  (CD) upcoming in spring 2006  
with the help of friends like Molvær, Aarset, Endresen, Henriksen, David Sylvian and many more...
> Northern Lights "Strings of Fire"  (CD) Warner, 27.1.2006  
Lars Danielsen - bass, Nils Petter Molvaer - tr, Eivind Aarset - git, Roberto di Gioia, and others
> Mind Over Midi "Monopoly"  (CD) BS093CD, 26.1.2006  


Tuniq  "Tuniq"   Edel/Contraire, Jazzsick Records JS0005010, 08.2005  
3) Alex Gunia "what's up",  5) Nils Petter Molvaer "the spirit - remix" / produced by Alex Gunia. 
listen here


Michel Benita  "Drastic"  Atlantic/Lava 92699, 6.6.2005
Nils Peter Molvaer - trumpet
, Dhafer Youssef - oud, voc, others
> Alex Gunia  "Remakes"   (CD) JazzSick Records/Edel Contraire, 03. 2005  
remixes by Andy Toma (Mouse on Mars), Rob Acid, Dr. Walker (Air Liquide), and others
incl. the tracks with NPM from last record '9866'
details here & @ Alex Gunia
> Jan Eggum  "30/30"   2CD, Grappa Records GRCD4230, 2005  link 
Nils Petter Molvaer - tr, Eivind arset - git, Audun Erlien - b, Rune Arnesen - dr, Bugge Wesseltoft - keys, Sidsel Endresen - voc


Stade  "Tactile"   (CD)Musikvertrieb Favart 38520, 2005
Nils Petter Molvaer - tr on 2) "animal man pt.II",
Infinite Livez, Truffaz, Wayne Paul, Nya, Elliott Sharp 


David Sylvian  "The good son vs the only daughter"   (CD) sound-cdss005, release date 7.2.2005
(8) The Only Daughter (remix by Jan Bang feat. Nils Petter Molvaer) / 

> Arild Andersen  "Electra"    ECM CD 9824337ecm 18.04.2005
Eivind Aarset - git, Nils Petter Molvær - drum progr.


Rebekka Bakken  "Is that you ?"  Boutique/Universal, 2005
NPM guest appearance 


Funkstörung  "Disconnected"  (CD) Studio !K7 K7162CD, (2 LP Set) Rough Trade K762CD, 2004 

NPM plays trumpet on “Dirt Emire” (2)

> re:jazz  "Point of View" Infracom CD IC 115-2 / DLP IC 115-1 , 08.11.2004     infracom     re:jazz    
NPM plays trumpet on (11) "His Name Is..." , original composition performed by U.F.O.    Liner Notes: "On this recording, Nils plays his trumpet without any
effects for the first time in more than 10 Years, creating a natural and beautiful sound."    

Sander "Mellomfjord Og Fjell"  (CD) Grappa GRCD4194, 2004

NPM plays trumpet on “Dagen Etter Tårer” (7)


Ketil Bjørnstad   "Seafarer's Song"   (CD) Emarcy Rec / Universal 0602498657775, 22.3.2004

NPM plays trumpet, also featuring Eivind Aarset on guitar and Per Lindvall on drums


Lars Danielsson  "Libera Me" (SACD) ACT SACD 9800-2, 27.9.2004

NPM plays trumpet on Asta (1), Shimmering (6), Bird Through The Wall (10) and Asnah (12), also featuring Jan Bang

> Magne Furuholmen  "Past Perfect Future Tense Passion Fruit" (CD) Universal, 20.9.2004
NPM plays trumpet on "Obsolete" (1)
> TeeBee "The Legacy"   2CD, Port Azur SUBTITLESCD003, PA 015 , 2004
TeeBee, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet on 1-3) "tsunami", Jadis - voc
 (CD2: exclusive TeeBee Mixes)


David Sylvian  "Camphor"   (2CD) Venture CDVE962, 2003

NPM plays trumpet on "Mother & Child" (remix) David Sylvian: "superb performance of Nils Petter Molvaer on 'Mother and Child' "


Dhafer Youssef "Digital Prophecy" (CD) Enja Records 2003

NPM plays trumpet on “Seventh Heaven Suite” (7), Eivind Aarset -  guitar, Rune Arnesen - drums,  Jan Bang -  beat programming

> D'Sound "Doublehearted" DaWorks, Virgin DACD505 , 26.5.2003
Eivind Aarset - git, NPM - trumpet on 'Smooth Escape'


Frost  "Melodica"   (CD) Ryko Distribution Universal017 024-2, 23.9.2003

NPM plays trumpet on „Klong“ (7)


Kari Bremnes  "You’d have to be here"  (CD, 2 LP Set) StrangeWays 4015698292923, 2003

[english version of 11 Ubesvarte Antrop]



Kari Bremnes  "11 Ubesvarte Antrop"   Kirkelig Kulturversted FXCD258, 2002

> Alex Gunia & Peace  "9866"   (CD) Jazzsick2003, 2003
NPM plays on "Below Zero" (3) and "The Spirit" (8) also, Bugge Wesseltoft
> Slowly We Bleed  "Home" (CD) BluNoise 7619942790127, 2002
Track 3: Hold Me (Nils Petter Molvaer & Raymond Pellicer Remix)


Chipahua  "The Soul Survivors" (CD) Sico Records SR200107, 2002 (re-release of the 1987 origin + bonustracks)


Matthew Herbert  "Secondhand Sounds" (2CDs, 3LP Set) Pe Fr, 2002

Track 1: Merciful @  “Recoloured”]

Chipahua “The Soul Survivors” Sico Records (2002),
featuring NPM, was originally released 1984 on the label “Hit Records”.
The 2002 release on Sico Records 2002 is a re-release with bonus tracks.


Eivind Aarset  "Light Extracts"   (CD) Jazzland 014 741-2, 6.11.2001 

NPM plays trumpet on “Tunnel Church” (8)


Mari Boine  "Remixed"   (CD) Jazzland 014 760-2 / Universal 0147 602, 5.11.2001

Track 7: Gulan Du (Nils Petter Molvaer / Jan Bang Remix)


Jan Eggum  "Ekte Eggum"   (CD) 2001



Jah Wobble + Bill Laswell  "Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission" (CD) Palm Pictures/Rough Trade PALMCD2073-2, 2001

Wobble, Jah and Bill Laswell - Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission Remixes (Maxi Vinyl) 
Palm Pictures/Rough Trade PP12 7063-1, 2001 -
NPM plays trumpet on “Alsema Dub” (A 2) and “Virus B” (B 2)


Bill Laswell  "Dub Chamber 3 (CD, LP) Roir RUSLP 8263, 2001

NPM plays trumpet and co-composed Beyond Zero (1) and Devil Syndrome (3)

x  Merge  "Puzzle" (CD) 2001

> Midnight Choir  "Unsung Heroine"  Glitterhou / Indigo (CD) 07582 (LP) 07581) ,  30.09.2001


Mind Over Midi  "Project 3"  (CD, LP) Beatservice BSCD4200, 06/2001, (2x 12") Beatservice, BSLP040 

NPM plays trumpet on “Stay” (9)



Sidsel Endresen  "Undertow"  (CD) Jazzland / Universal 548 195-2, 23.3.2001

NPM plays trumpet on Western Wind (1) and “Travelling Still” (8)


Sidsel Endresen  "Undertow - The Remixes" (Vinyl Maxi) Jazzland / Universal 587 015-1, 2001

NPM plays trumpet on “Travelling Still (Lo-Beat Remix)” (B 2)


Svein Finnerund  "Sounds and Sights" (CD) Resonant Music RM 62, 2000 (Norway)

NPM plays trumpet and co-composed “Quintet # 1” (2), “Trio # 2” (7) and “Duo # 2” (11)

> Laurence Revey  "Le Creux des Fées - The Remixes" (Maxi CD, Maxi Vinyl)  Muve Recording 902092, 2000
3) Bugge Wesseltoft "bervceuse" (Lullaby) 4) Nils Petter Molvaer "shadow / light" (remix of l'ombre by NPM and Eivind Aarset)


Anneli Drecker   "Tundra"  (CD) EMI Norsk A/S 7243 5 25944 2 9 NO, 2000

NPM plays trumpet on "Still Waters" (9)

> Benedicte Adrian & Ingrid Bjørnov "Adrian/Bjørnov"  1999 
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet
> Mental Overdrive  "Ad Absurdum  Virgin Records (Norway) 1999,  (CD)7243 8 47407 2 6, (2 x 12")  7243 8 47407 1 9
Featuring - Nils Petter Molvær, Strangefruit on "Revenge Of The Elephunk" (B1)


Jens Arne Molvær  "September Song"  (CD) Hot Club Records HCRCD2005, 1998
NPM plays trumpet on (6) Warm Valley


Jan Bang  "Pop Killer"  (CD) Virgin Records (UK) 7243 8 45560 2 0, 1998  
4) Featuring Nils Petter Molvær on " Greetings From Norway


Batoru  "Elegy For Africa"    (CD) Leicom 2002, (CD) Nabel 4678, 1998
NPM plays trumpet on almost every track, recorded live at Passionskirche Berlin 1996-06-07


Eivind Aarset  "Electronique Noire"  (CD),  Jazzland 558 128-2, Universal 07314 5581 282, 05.10.1998

NPM plays trumpet on “Dark Moisture” (1)


Bugge Wesseltoft  "Sharing" (CD, 2 LP Set) Jazzland 538 259-2, 1998

NPM plays trumpet on “Breen’n Glue” (9), also featuring Pål Strangefruit on vinyl


Finn Coren “Spring: The Blake Project” (1997) BARD RECORDS (1997), Katalognr.: BACD1

NPM and Bugge Wesseltoft,


D’Sound  "Spice of Life" Polydor  UNI 539300-2, 1996, (new Version) 1997
NPM plays trumpet on "Smooth Escape" (2), "Slow Dancing, French Kissing" (10) and "I know it will be" (11)


Jon Eberson &  Jazz Punk Ensemble  "Thirteen Rounds" (CD) Curling Legs Productions CD 38,  1997

NPM plays trumpet on almost every track and produced the CD


Per Eriksen  "Beats and Pieces"  (CD) Curling Legs Productions, Curling Legs CD 34, 1997 (Norway)

NPM plays trumpet and co-composed “Hazy Maze” (2), “April March” (3), “Detour” (5),

 “Full Moon (7) and “Lazy Afternoon”

> Kenneth Sivertsen  "Brytningstid"  NIMIS Records NRCD 003, 1997


Terje Isungset  "Reise" (CD) Nor-CD 9724, 1997


Bugge Wesseltoft  "New Conception Of Jazz" (CD) Jazzland 537 251-2, Universal 537 2512, 5.5.1997

NPM plays trumpet on “Poem” (7)


Helge Iberg  "Never Ending 'West Side Story' " (CD) Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD181, 1997

NPM plays trumpet on “Hambo” (4) and “Update America” (8)


Bel Canto  "Rumour Remixes" (Maxi CD) Atlantic Recording Corporation, cd5 95649-2, 1996(USA)

                                                   (Maxi Vinyl) Atlantic Recording Corporation, BELC 12112" promo,1996 (Germany)

> Celio Carvalho "Avenida Brasil" Majorstudio MSCD1134, 1996
> Bjørn Eidsvåg  "Landet lenger bak" (CD) IDCD 53 Norsk Plateproduksjon A.S, 1996
NPM plays trumpet, also Aarset, Arnesen, Wesseltoft
x Håvard Lund  "Letters"  (CD) Turn Left Productions 1996
NPM plays trumpet on (2) The Mystery and the Way it Disappears (3) Autumn, never Autumn again (4) Another Picture from an Exhibition (5) An unkind Poem (6) 11-70 (7) Fanfare (8) Voggesang
> Oslo Groove Company "Anno 1996"   Groove GRCD 1992-2, 1996
NPM plays trumpet on (4) Tirade


Veslemøy Solberg  "The Strength Of The Runes" (CD) Nordicae NORCD100, 1996
w/ NPM, Aarset, Arnesen, Ohrvik, Lokke, Askeland


Bel Canto  "Magic Box"  Atlantic/Lava 92699, 1996
NPM plays trumpet on "Rumour" (4), "Didn't you know it ?" (8) also  featuring Eivind Aarset on guitar and Jah Wobble on bass


Knut Kristiansen  "Monk Moods"  (CD) Odin NJ40512, 1995

NPM plays trumpet on “Brilliant Corners” (1), “I mean you” (6) and “Bolivar Blues (11)


Mette Hartmann  "Swan"  (CD) EMI / Intercord  INT 845.294, 1995

NPM plays trumpet on 9) "Golden Universal Angel"


Vaernes, Ofstad, Berg  "Jacques Tati"  (CD) Curling Legs CLPCD20, 1995

NPM plays trumpet on "Jacques Tati" (4) "Endless" (9) and "Pebbles" (10)


Jacob Young  "This Is You" (CD) Nor-CD 1995

NPM plays trumpet on “Wake Up Call” (1) and “The Juggler” (5)


Robin Schulkowsky & Nils Petter Molvaer "Hastening Westward"  (CD) ECM 15464 449 371-2, 1995

NPM plays trumpet and co-composed several songs


Øystein Sevåg  "Global House" (CD) Siddharta Records SSRCD4, 1995 (USA)

NPM plays trumpet on “Global House” (2), “Thundernight” (6), featuring also Audun Erlien on bass and Rune Arnesen on drums


Lars Danielsson  "European Voices" (2 CDs) Dragon Records DRCD 268, Sweden 1995

NPM plays trumpet and composed Mol Allena (CD2, 3), also featuring Eivind Aarset on guitar


Dronning Mauds Land  "Tiden Kler Seg Naken"  (CD) Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD145, 1994 
NPM is credited playing all trumpet and flutes and co-arranged the track 'Parasitt'


Dennis Gonzales  "Welcome to Us"   Gowi G10CD, 1994; Koch Jazz 3CD, 1995 (reissue)
w/ "Band of Nordic Wizards":
NPM: Ghantam, Shaker, Trumpet; Bugge Wesseltoft: piano, synth; Terje Gewelt: bass,
Pal Thowsen: drums; Sidsel Endresen: vocals



Karl Seglem  "Rit"  (CD) NY-NOR9410-CD Jazz 7042986194109, 1994
recorded in Grieghallen, Lydstudio, 1992 & 1993. NPM plays trumpet on “Med Jesus Vil Eg Fara” (2)


Lisa Ekdahl  "same" (CD), EMI Sweden,  1.7.1994
NPM plays trumpet on "Vem Vet" (8) 


Marilyn Mazur's Future Song  "Small Labyrinths"  ECM records, ECM 1559, 533 679-2(CD)1994 

NPM plays trumpet and co-composed “The Electric Cave” (3), also featuring Eivind Aarset on guitar


Marilyn Mazur & Pulse Unit  "Circular Chant" (CD) Storyville Records STCD 4200, a Jazzpar 94 Project

NPM plays trumpet and wooden flute (!) and co-composed “Gong Piece 1” (6) and “Gong Piece 2” (10)

> Anne Grete Preus "Millimeter" WEA Records 1994
Nils Petter Molvær 8) "du er det du ser",
also with Eivind Aarset, Bendik Hofseth, Bugge Wesseltoft


Sidsel Endresen  "Exile"  (CD) ECM 07314 5217212,  21.3.1994
NPM plays trumpet on all tracks

> Sissel Kyrkjebø  "Innerst i sjelen (deep within my soul)" Mercury 522 078-2, 1994
Audun Erlien - bass on "Våkn opp, min sjel", "Som fagre blomen" and "Bred dina vida vingar"

Rune Arnesen - drums/perc on "Innerst i sjelen" and "Prosesjon", NPM - trumpet on "Stevtone" and "I skovens dybe, stille ro"


Rune Kristoffersen  "Elephant Song (CD) Eastef Productions, 1993
NPM plays trumpet on "Entrance" (1), “Water and Wildlife” (2), Sunday Rain (5) and SonicSubcult(6)

André Danielsen  "Kvinner og Kanari" (CD) Hot Club HCRCD 1009, 1993
NPM plays trumpet on (3) Trans   /  listen to sound examples:

> Steinar Albrigtsen  "Big storm comin' " (CD), Norsk Plateproduksjon IDK 33, 1993 
Bugge Wesseltoft - tangenter, Rune Arnesen - drums, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet
> Kjetil Saunes "Lystyv"  Norsk Plateproduksjon, 1993, 
Kjetil Saunes - vocals/bass/computers, Eivind Aarset - guitars, Paolo Vinaccia - percussion on a couple of tracks, Per Hillestad -  drums/percussion, Bugge Wesseltoft - keyboards on some tracks, Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet on a couple of tracks


Øystein  Sevåg, "Link" (CD) Siddharta Records SSRCD2, 1993 (USA)

NPM plays trumpet on “Miles Near” (3), “Miles Away” (4) and “Memory” (12)  also featuring Eivind Aarset on guitar

> Steinar Albrigtsen  "Life is good" (CD), Norsk Plateproduksjon, 1993 
Rune Arnesen - drums, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet
> Bendik Hofseth "Amuse yourself" Sony/CBS, Columbia 472988 2, 29.6.1993 
Audun Erlien - bass on all tracks except "Lake of memory" and "House of joy , Eivind Aarset - git,  NPM - trumpet on "Perish" + "Amuse yourself", also Reidar Skår, Paolo Vinaccia, Arild Andersen, Knut Reiersrud, Jon Christensen


Knut Vaernes Band   "Roneo"  (CD) Curling Legs CLPCD08, 1993

NPM plays trumpet on all tracks, also featuring Rune Arnesen on drums


Jan Eggum  "Nesten Ikke Til Stede" (CD) IDCD 8 Norsk Plateproduksjon A.S.,  1993
NPM plays trumpet on Nesten Ikkje Tilstede (2), Dø Alene (6), En Helt Ny Dag (10)

Åge Aleksandersen ”Din dag” , Norske Gram, EKGCD 1, 1993
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet


Lotte Anker / Mette Petersen   "Being"  STUCD 19307, 1993
NPM plays trumpet and flute on almost every track and co-composed Örkenvind (13)

Tove Karoline Knutsen "Tenn lampa" [lydopptak]. Arctica musikkproduksjon, 1992: TKK CD 001
Knutsen, Tove Karoline, vocals; Riisnæs, Knut, saxophone; Gjermundrød, Svein, trumpet; Molvær, Nils Petter trumpet, a.o. ,


Lydia  " Cien veces al Dia"  (CD) BMG / LCM C 113, 15.2.1992
NPM plays trumpet on (9) Eight On


Rita Marcotulli  "Night Caller" (CD) Bleu 1992
NPM plays trumpet on almost every track, also featuring Jon Christensen

> Anne Grete Preus "Og Høsten Kommer Tidsnok" WEA Records 1991
Nils Petter Molvær 3) "rangel",
also with Eivind Aarset, Paolo Vinaccia, Bjørn Kjellemyr


Sidsel Endresen  "So I Write" (CD) ECM 00422 8417762, 7.1.1991


Bjørn Alterhaug  "Constellations" Odin NJ40352, 1991

NPM plays trumpet on “Old Landscape” (4)


Jon Balke & Oslo 13  "Nonsentration"  ECM 1445, 1990


> Bjørn Eidsvåg  "Tatt av vinden" (CD) IDCD 8 Norsk Plateproduksjon A.S.,  1990 
NPM plays trumpet on Songen (4), Daredans (5) and Tatt av vinden (7)
ørn Eidsvåg - voc, guitar, Eivind Aarset - guitar, Geir Holmsen - bass, Audun Kleive - keyborads, Per Hillestad - drums


Masqualero  "Re-Enter" (CD, LP) ECM 1437, 1990

NPM plays trumpet and composed “Re-Enter”(1), “Gaia” (4) and “There is no Jungle in Baltimore” (6)


Marilyn Mazur  "Future Song" (CD) Verabra/SunnyMoon 2105-2, 1990

> Sondre Bratland  "Mysteriet" (CD) Kirkelig Kulturverksted, FXCD 95, 1990
NPM plays trumpet


Fra Lippo Lippi  "The Colour Album"  The Record Station, 1989
NPM plays trumpet on "Mothers Little Soldier" (2), "Love Is A Lonely Harbour" (5) and "Childhood Days" (8)


Jonas Fjeld "Svært nok for meg" EMI 1375292, 1989, (
NPM - trumpet, also Paolo Vinaccia   


Ab und Zu "Ab und Zu"  , Curling Legs, Zu CD 8901, 04/1989
The first album by Ab und Zu, only available as digital downloads: NPM plays trumpet on (1) At the Carneval (2) Day by Day
> Anne Grete Preus "Lav Sol! Høy Himmel" WEA Records 1989
Nils Petter Molvær 6) "lav sol og høy himmel", 8) "jeg kommer når du roper", 9) "I am such a happy person!

also with Eivind Aarset, Paolo Vinaccia, Bendik Hofseth, Knut Reiersrud


Jon Eberson  "Backhand Smash" Hot Club HCRCD 60, 1988
NPM plays trumpet on (9) This Roadie I can Tell



EBU Big Band "EBU Public Jazz Concert" EBU NL 00133, 1988
NPM: trumpet    (EBU = European Broadcast Unit)

> Anne Grete Preus "Fullmåne" WEA Records 1988
Nils Petter Molvær 4) "besøk", 5) "rosa-sangen"

Lars Klevstrand. “Her!” (1987) GRAPPA (1987) Katalognr.: SCD9001
NPM plays trumpet


Masqualero  "Aero"  (CD, LP) ECM 1317, 1987


Oslo 13  "Off Balance"  Odin NJ40222,  1987


Jon Eberson  / Sidsel Endresen   "Pigs and Poetry"  Sony, CBS 460457-2,  1987
NPM plays trumpet


Göran Fristorp “Riktning” Grappa Records,  GRCD 4025, SLPCD-2785, 1987
a.o. Nils Petter Molvaer, Tore Brunborg


Nils Olav Bøe ”Nils Olav Bøe” Vinyl, Aero Records, 1987

Organ, Synthesizer - Lars Pedersen, Organ, Synthesizer, Flute, Guitar - Nils Olav Bøe,
Trumpet - Nils Petter Molvær
Maj Britt Andersen "Folk Er Rare!" Vinyl, Barneselskapet EPS 01, 1986
Bass - Geir Holmsen, Guitar - Frode Alnæs, Keyboards - Atle Bakken, Lyrics By - Trond Brænne, Music By - Geir Holmsen, Percussion - Paolo Vinaccia, Saxophone - Bendik Hofseth, Trumpet - Nils Petter Molvær, Tuba - Geir Løvold, Vocals - Maj Britt Andersen


Øystein Sunde "Overbuljongterningpakkmesterassistent" Musikkproduksjon AS ,1986  link 
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet


Masqualero  "Bande À Part"  (CD, LP), ECM 1319,  1985

NPM plays trumpet, co-composed “Sort Of” (3) and composed “No Soap” (7)

x Taki Taki  "Sunrise Bamboo Boat"   Slagerfarikken, Tomato XS 13, 1985
Lakki Patey - git, Håkon Iversen - vokal, Brynjulf Blix - synth, Bent Patey - git, Jan Erik Salater - bass, Paolo Vinaccia - trommer/perc, Henning Johnsen - tromb, Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet, Ole Edvard Antonsen - Trumpet

Sjunne Ferger "Mindgames" Vinyl, FAT Records FAT004, 1984
Sjunne Ferger - drums, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet on
"Reaching Out", "Open It Up"


The Grafitti Project  "Grafitti" Grafitti G1, 1984
a Celio de Carvalho band /
NPM plays trumpet on (9) Washington
  x Brunborg/Molvaer Kvartett  "Spill norsk!" Sampler, 1983
Tore Brunborg - sax, Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet (latbidrag) / Track 3: Den Hemmelige


Jazzpunkensemble  "Live at Rockefeller" Odin CLPCD38, 1983

NPM plays trumpet and composed “Jazz Punk I” (2), “Fritz at the Rockefeller” (6) and “Ballade” (7)


Oslo 13  "Anti-Therapy" Odin LP 07, Odin NJ CD 4007-2, 1983
NPM: Trumpet


Masqualero "Masqualero" (LP) Odin NJ40082, 1983
NPM plays trumpet, co-composed “Wallen, Wallen / Helsinki Song” (2) and composed “Rememberance” (6) and “Aural exciter” (11)



Jon Eberson "Jive Talking, Visions and other Stories" (LP) CBS 85280, 1983 

 NPM plays trumpet on (6) This is your Life, (7) Visions, (11) Piggy Piggy, (12) All our Treasures Lost, (13) Am I Saying Goodbye ? 


Jon Eberson  "City Visions"  CBS 25864, 467 369-2 , 1983
w/ NPM - tr, flh, Sidsel Endresen - voc, Tore Brunborg - ts, Geur Holmsen - bass, others


> on Compilations & Remixes (in ascending chronological  order)        back to top


x The Blue Series Sampler "the 30th year" , CD, Thisty Ear Records, 26.10.2007
include DJ Spooky, Charlie Hunter, Vernon Reid, Mike Ladd, Meat Beat Manifesto, Beans, Nils Petter Molvaer, and Matthew Shipp

x "Norge Jazz Adventures" 2CD, Emarcy 9834965, 30.11.2005
1-3) Aarset "connectic", 1-4Molvaer "hurry slowly", 1-8) Wesseltoft "skog", 2-1) "el" 2-4) Samsara "that may be"
> Midnigth Choir "all tomorrow's tears - the best of" S2 / Glitterhouse / Indigo, 20.6.2005 
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet on all tracks
x "north sea jazz festival vol.5 - 1996-2000" Verve 9829436.00, 13.5.2005  
8) Nils Petter Molvaer "solid ether"
x "Sunkissed Live @ fabric 2005" free promotional CD
which includes 15 album tracks by some of the artists who appeared at Fabric


"uru monthly vol.9"  (2CD) 2005  
NPM on "Frozen" (Bill Laswell Mix), also Beady Belle and others


"Verve chill" Verve Dancefloor Series 9818843, 31.1.2005
10) Nils Petter Molvaer "vilderness [cinematic mix]". also: Wesseltoft, Lateef, others

> "sonidos en agua vol.3"   2cd, Dro East West, 5.12.2004
2-4) Eivind Aaarset "empathic guitar", 2-8) Nils Petter Molvaer "presence"


Arild Andersen  "Selected Recordings (:Rarum 19)"   ECM 066 5982, 27.1.2004
Nils Petter Molvaer as Masqualero on 1) "vanilje", 8) "gardsjenta", 9) "printer"


Karl Seglem  "New North"  (CD) Ozella 2004

Sampler: track 4: „Med Jesus Vil Eg Fara“ [„Rit“]

> Chilluminati "The Chilluminati Remixes"  Emarcy Records CD 060249814655, 2.6.2004
with Nils Petter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset, Bugge Wesseltoft, Sidsel Endresen
> "miedzy nami cafe 3" Warner music Poland 5046711902, 2004
8) Nils Petter Molvaer "khmer"

"Minsitry of Sound: Chillout Guide" (2CD) Ministry of Sound / Ministry O 875172 (edel), 1.4. 2004

 1-18)  “Vilderness (Chilluminati Remix)” [“Recoloured”]

> "Nu-Jazz" (2CD) EmArCy 0391212, 14.7.2003 
 1-1) E. Aarset "between signal&noise", 2-2) B. Wesseltoft "g.u.b.n.u.f.", 2-6) N.P. Molvaer "hurry slowly",  2-7) E. Aarset "dark moisture"

 "Norway Nights"  Boutique/Universal 00440 069 5532, 27.1.2003

 Track 3: Merciful (Herbert’s We Mix) [“Recoloured”], track 11: Trip (Tommy Tee Remix) [“Recoloured” 3 LP Set]


 "Jazzland Tracks"   Emarcy Records 00440 0644632, 27.1.2003

 1) Wesseltoft "somewhere in between", 2) Aarset "dark moisture", 8) Wesseltoft "flimmer", 11) Endresen “travelling still”


 "Kompressor"   BIT Teatergarasjen TGR001 , 2003

 4) "Teebee Drifter" (7:12) featuring Nils Petter Molvær 

x  "the Meta collection" Meta REcor/PP Sales Forces, 24.9.2002
 Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet on 2)
Beyond The Zero [“Bill Laswell – Dub Chamber 3”]
>  "various artists - Verve today 2002"  JazzThing CD, Universal / Verve 583 440-2, 07/2002
 3) Nergaard "keep on backing losers", 6) Endresen/Wesseltoft "try", 15) Molvaer "axis of ignorance"

 "Babylon Juke-Box"  Universal Records 583 497-2, 2002

 3) Nils Petter Molvær Merciful (Herbert's We Mix) (5:57) Remix - Herbert 


"Monteal jazz fest verve compilation 2002"  Compilation 2002/Edition du Festival, 2002

2) Nils Petter Molvær  "little indian", 6) Silje Nergaard "be still in my  heart", 9) Endresen/Wesseltoft "truth"


 "Saturday Night Jazz Fever"  EMI - Blue Note, 2002
 Nils Petter Molvær: 'Axis of Ignorance', Bugge Wesseltoft: 'Breen'glue' (w/ NPM)


 "Colors Sounds: Nordic"  Irma IRMA 509518-2, (2x12") Irma IRMA 509518-1, 2002

 11) Nils Petter Molvær Solid Ether (5:11) 


 "Resonant Sampler Vol. 1  Resonant Music RM12-2, 2002

 Track 11: “Duo # 1” [Svein Finnerund – "Sounds and Sights”]


"Red and Blue - Neither Norway"  (2 CD Set) EFA 2002

2-1) Nils Petter Molvaer: Dead Indeed (Russel Mills Mix)


Chilluminati "This is Chilluminti"  Universal Music (Norway)  Chillpromo 01 , 2002
4) Nils Petter Molvær Vilderness (Chilluminati Mix) (5:08)  ["Recoloured"]
> "chilled jazz"  2CD, Universal, 2002 
1-12) Eivind Aarset "superstrings"  1-15) Silje Nergaard "be still in my heart", 2-14) Nils Petter Molvaer "hurry slowly"
  >  "turkish jazz - 8th int. Istanbul jazz festival"  2001 
 2) Beady Belle "ghost", 3) Bugge Wesseltoft "change", 12) Nils Petter Molvaer "dead indeed [pascal Gabriel mix]"

 "Jazzland - Futurejazz from Norway"  Emarcy Records 00440 0163 002, 5.11.2001

11) “Travelling Still” [Sidsel Endresen]

>  "Technics Jazzport"  as supplement to german HiFi magazine 'Audio', 2001
 Panasonic/Technics presents the JAM-Festival: Hamburg Festivalzelt vor den Deichtorhallen,
 2) Nils Petter Molvaer "solid ether"

 Talvin Singh  "Back to Mine"  Mixmag Liv/Rough Trade B00005NWZ6, 2001

 3) NPM "song of sand" [coastal warning mix by rocker's hifi]


 "Asana 2"  Meta Recor/PP Sales Forces B000056Q7G,  2001

 3) “Beyond The Zero” [“Bill Laswell – Dub Chamber 3”]

 "The New Sounds Of Jazz Act 1 - The New Jazz Generation" (2x12") Blue Note  7243 5 29041 1 2,  2001

 C2: Nils Petter Molvær "vilderness II"

 Funkstörung "Vice Versa" (2x12") Studio !K7 K7108LP,  2001

 A3: Nils Petter Molvær "Solid Ether" (Funkstörung Miks) 
x " Verve today - 2001"  Verve Music Groupp, 2001
 8) Nils Petter Molvaer "dead indeed", 9) Bugge Wesseltoft "change"
> "your guide to the north sea jazz festival 2001"  Verve, 2001
1) Bugge Wesseltoft "change" 5) Silje Nergaard "you're kind", 13) Nils Petter Molvaer "dead indeed" [Jan Bang 7:00 am mix]

 "Greetings from Oslo" (2CD) Universal Music (Norway) 585 698-2 ,  2001

 1-4) Bugge Wesseltoft "you might say" Mind over Midi remix, 2-3) Nils Petter Molvær "merciful" Herbert Remix

 "Music for Dreams Vol.2" (2CD) Music For Dreams/EMI 5316482,  2001

 1-10) Nils Petter Molvaer "merciful" (Herbert's We Mix)
>  "Technics Jazzport" (DVD) as supplement to german HiFi magazine 'Audio', 2000 (fragments: soundcheck, interview)
 Panasonic/Technics presents the JAM-Festival: Hamburg Festivalzelt vor den Deichtorhallen, 2000
> "Horizons"  ECM Sampler, Universal Music S.A., 10.4.2000
Nils Petter Molvaer 9) "on stream"
>  "Suite For Sampler - Selected Signs Vol. 2  ECM 07314 5438092, 5.5.2000
 Track 3: Vilderness 2 [“Solid Ether”]

> Cinematic Orchestra "remixes 1998-2000" Ninja Tune ZENCD50, 2000
6) Nils Petter Molvaer "vilderness" (the cinematic orchestra remix)
["Recoloured" but different Mix without vocals]
  x "Norsk Jazzforum Turnétilbud Høsten 1999" 1999
NPM plays trumpet with 1) Eivind Aarset "lost and found", 2) "superstrings", 
9) Knut Vaernes, Lars Danielsson "falling down",  1) Venezia (live 22.7.1995 Molde Kulturhus)
> Sevåg, Øystein  "Pearl Collection"  Siddhartha Records SSRCD6, 1999 
NPM on 3) “miles away” [“Link”], 6) “global house” [“Global House”]
x " an american original"  NARM Classical + Jazz Committee, 22.6.1999
 NPM contributed track no. 7: "Song of Sand"

 "Solide Saker - En Hyllest Til Dum Dum Boys"  OH Yeah! Ram3, 1999

 Track 10: Glue: Texas w/NPM   >>  mic online

 "Breaking the Ice vol.2"  Mole/Intergroove, 1998

 2) Nils Petter Molvaer "song of sand II" (coastal warning mix by Rockers Hi-Fi)  [“Khmer – The Remixes”]

 "Vossa Jazz XX"  Vossa Jazz Records 96002-2, 1996

 NPM plays trumpet w/ Sidsel Endresen, Django Bates, Jon Christensen on (2)This is the Movie (live 25.3.1993), 
 as Masqualero (5) Round Midnight (live 22.3.1986)

 "Nattjazz 20 År"  Grappa GRCD 103, 1991

 Masqualero w/ Terje Rypdal. NPM  plays trumpet on (5) Nesten Senere (live 29.05.1988)

>  "ODIN Sampler"   Odin NJCD 4028-2, 1989
 as Masqualero: NPM plays trumpet on (8) Wallen/Helsinki Song, as Oslo 13: (10) Please disturb



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Sleeping Songs (Schlaeft ein Lied in allen Dingen)
Germany, 2009
director: Andreas Struck
music: Nils Petter Molvaer

Martin, a nu-jazz trumpet player with a unique style, is fighting against convention and mediocrity. He will not accept any compromise, neither in his music, nor in love. When he gets the feeling that Kristina, the love of his life, only loves him for his musical talents, he is deeply hurt. Disappointed, he bids farewell to both her and his previous life. On the edge of society, he meets an old woman, who bequeaths him her pain in the form of poems. Martin is immediately fascinated. Can they guide him back to himself, to Kristina, or to his music?

> Scandinavian movie “Hoppet” (“Leaps + Bounds”)
Germany/Norway/Sweden 29.11.2007
director: Peter Naess
music: Nils Petter Molvaer
Azad comes to Sweden by mistake. In order to blend in with the family that hides him, he has to pretend that he is nine years old. Suddenly he's quite alone in a new country and doesn't understand the language. But with the help of a spaced-out hot dog vendor, the coolest guy in school and world champion Kajsa Bergqvist maybe he can meet his real family again.
> Moscow Freestyle
Canada/Russia 18.4.2006, 51 min. Interfilm Productions
director: Julia Ivanova
music: Nils Petter Molvaer
“ Moscow Freestyle” is a one hour program on young Westerners teaching English in Moscow, shot during the period of the worst terrorist attacks in Russian history. Gwain and his friends live, teach, party, drink, philosophize and mingle with locals in Moscow—their lives framed by the dramatic events unfolding around them.
> NPM has also started the preproduction for the
german movie “Hanna’s Words
> Molvaer's all-time-film-music-favourites

Citadel de la Musique in France wants NPM to record his all-time film-music-faves,
but that must be after he has written music for for the "Riksteateret" 's version of "Gjengangere" by Ibsen.
UPCOMING more info to come.....


> Gjengangere (engl. 'Ghosts', german 'Gespenster) 

Gjengangere – Moderne versjon   

Regi: Terje Mærli
Produsent: Hilde Berg, Norsk filmproduksjon
Music: Nils Petter Molvaer

Citadel de la Musique in France wants NPM to record his all-time film-music-faves,
but that must be after NPM has written music for for the "Riksteateret" 's version of "Gjengangere" by Ibsen.


> Edy
France 02/11/2005, 105 min
Regie: Stephan Guerin Tillie
French downbeat comedy / Genre : Policier
Format du film : 35 mm Couleur, Format image : 2.35
Actors: Francois Berleand, Philippe Noiret, Yves Verhoeven, Marion Cotillard, Laurent Bateau, Julien Lepers, Pascal Parmentier, Philippe Sejourne, Dominique Bettenfeld, Steve Suissa, Joel Demarty, Cyrille Thouvenin.
Music: Nils Petter Molvaer,   also as soundtrack

Edy est l'un des meilleurs dans le domaine de l'assurance, surtout lorsqu'il s'agit d'aider certains de ses clients à mettre la main sur l'assurance-vie de leur conjoint. Mais depuis quelque temps, Edy a perdu l'envie de vivre.
Malheureusement, lorsqu'il essaie d'en finir, non seulement il survit mais il se retrouve avec un cadavre sur les bras. Edy n'a qu'une solution mais là encore, le destin se moque de lui.

, link
> Invention de l'amour (engl: 'invention of love')              

Canada 2000, 87 min.      
language: french
director: Claude Demers

the story:
In order to forget Matina, Antoine throws himself into his writing working to finish his second novel. Since their break-up, the previous year, he hasn't been able to lead a normal life and he had nothing but a series of dead -end affairs... >> more


Stratosphere Girl                 read more about here, and here, trailer, photos here

Deutschland 2004
· 85 min. · deutsche Fassung · FSK 16 
Regie M.X. Oberg 
Drehbuch M.X. Oberg 
Produzenten Christoph Friedel, Karl Baumgartner 
Musik Nils Petter Molvaer 
Kamera Michael Mieke 
Darsteller Chloé Winkel (Angela), Jon Yang (Yamamoto), Rebecca Palmer (Rachel) 

> l'Homme trop pressé prend son thé à la fourchette        -> read more about link, link 

CAN 2003                

Regie Sylvie Groulx    
Musique originale Nils Petter Molvær
Éditions Molvær Music A/S
Mixage musique Reidar Skaar, Studio 7.etage (Oslo)
Peer Espen Ursfjord, Rainbow Studios (Oslo)

> Requiems                          -> link   link   link  link  >> more

France 2002  
9 min
regie: Stephan Guerin Tillie

music: Nils Petter Molvaer

more info to come.....


Nanook of the North                  -> read more about linklink, link link

The music was composed and performed for the first time in connection with Porto (POR) being European City of Culture in 2000. All the members in the trio are well known in Norwegian jazz and electronic music.

Nils Petter Molvær trumpet/electronics
Jan Bang samplers
Eivind Aarset guitar/electronics

Original title: Nanook of the North 
Country: USA, Year of production: 1922 
Screenplay/Director/Photo/Editing: Robert J. Flaherty 
Music: Nils Petter Molvær (2000) 

Musicians: Nils Petter Molvær trumpet/electronics, Jan Bang samplers, Eivind Aarset guitar/electronics
Colour / B&W: Black&White , Production format: 35 mm 
Screening format: Digital video 
Time / length: 79 min , Picture format: N 1:1,37 
Dialogue: Stumfilm - ingen dialog 

> Ballen i øyet  (engl. 'Eye Ball') -> read more about link  link

Norway 2000             

Regi Catrine Telle     

Hot young Norwegian filmmaker Catrine Telle directs this bizarre tale about a young lass who gets struck in the eye by a soccer ball. When she wakes up in a hospital bed, she sees everything double and soon starts to think of herself as the only one in the world who is in an un-plural state. She learns to deal with her twin sisters, her pair of identical boyfriends, and this weird couple of guys she obsessed over when she was single-sighted. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide
Manus: Beate Grimsrud    
Foto: Peter Mokrosinski
Musikk: Nils Petter Molvær og Jan Bang
Med Laila Goody, Kjersti Holmen, Anne Krigsvoll, Bjørnar Teigen, Kristin Kajander, Tom Tellefsen m.fl.
81min 35mm utekstet
Utleie Europafilm


Frosset Hjerte (engl..'Frozen Heart', dt. 'Abenteuer im Eis - Das Leben und Sterben des Roald Amundsen)     
                                                            -> read more about link, link , link

Norway 1999

"Kakonita" derives from the soundtrack of the film "Frozen Heart"  (original title: Frosset hjerte), Stig Andersen and Kenny Sanders' biopic, based on the biography by Tor Bormann-Larsen, which takes a very caustic view of the life and achievements of polar explorer Roald Amundsen. "We've kicked Amundsen off his pedestal in Norway," Molvær notes with some satisfaction.
The film dwells upon Amundsen's human failings. "Amundsen went to Alaska and brought back two Inuit girls and went to parties around the world posing with them: Inuits in Hollywood, Inuits in high society in London. He wanted the world to see him as this caring, father figure. But when his money ran low he just sent the girls back to the ice and snow. 'Kakonita' is from the scene where they go back - the saddest scene in the movie."

regia e soggetto: Stig Andersen, Kenny Sanders
fotografia: Hallgrim Ødegård
musica: Nils Petter Molvær, Kåre & the Cavemenn, Eivind Aarset
montaggio: Jon Endre Mørk
attori: Biørd Floberg (Roald Amundsen), Espewn Skjønberg (Fridtjof Nansen), Bjarte Hjelmeland (the journalist), Thomas Seltzer (Lincoln Ellsworth), Terje Strømdahl (Leif Castberg/Frits Zapffe), Anna Strand Andersen (Kakonita), Tessa Strand Andersen (Kiss Bennet)
produzione: Sigve Endresen, Ørian Karlsen for Motlys A/S, 35 mm, colore - 90’

> Emporte-moi (engl. 'set me free', dt.'Nimm mich mit!')   -> read more about link  , imdb

Canada/ Switzerland 1999    

95 min

Regie: Léa Pool
Musik: Robyn Schulkowsky, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergio Bardotti, Dario Baldan Bembo, Ketil Bjornstad, David Darling, Thomas Demenga, Edoardo Di Capua, Dion DiMucci, Inez Foxx, Serge Gainsbourg, Jan Garbarek, Gia Kancheli, Ben E. King, Michel Legrand, Jerry Leiber, Ernie Maresca, Robert Mellin, Nils Petter Molvaer, Jean-Marie Rivière, Dino Saluzzi, Robert Schumann, Yannis Spanos, Mike Stoller, John Surman, Sándor Veress

tells the tale of Hannah, a tomboyish 13 year-old hitting puberty in 1963. An unhappy and uncomfortable family life leads Hannah to seek escapism in the world of cinema. Specifically, she repeatedly watches and appears enthralled by Anna Karenina, the character from Jean-Luc Godard's "It's my life" (1962) about a Parisian woman's descent into prostitution. Her confusion surrounding what is real leads to a crush for her female teacher and her actively pursuing what it's like to be a prostitute for an evening. >> more


> Damer (engl.: mermaids)      -> read more about link

Norway june 1997 
short film 6 min, 35 mm color
genre: comedy/children/youth
director: Torun Lian
composer: Nils Petter Molvaer


> Diasparagmos    -> read more about link  

France 1980, 18 min    

director: Stéphane Marti
Actors: Aloual, Éric Bossé, Stéphane Marti, Michèle Teyssier 
Photographie : François Sagnes 
Musique : Extraits de Nils Petter Molvaer 
Coproduit par la Fondation de France pour la biennale de PARIS 
Le DIASPARAGMOS est une des pratiques rituelles les plus sauvages du culte antique de Dionysos. >> more

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Pieces of Jazz pictures of NPM, Eivind Aarset, Sidsel Endresen, Bugge Wesseltoft and many more..
The jazz book with intimate on stage photos of jazz musicians
by Karl-Heinz Schmitt
with a preface by Hans-Jürgen Schaal , english version
112 pages, 52 photos in b/w and colour, Nieswand publishers,
hardcover, size: 23,5cm x 32,5 cm (9,2 in. x 12,7 in.),

book design by Ingo Wulff (publisher of "Chet Baker", Nieswand publishers)
published by Nieswand. The (Kiel/Germany) publisher,
well known for their lavishly illustrated jazz books published pieces of jazz in an edition of 3.000 copies.

The Music of Nils Petter Molvaer
somebody made an university workout on npm's music:
facharbeit (in german)
Word-document, 38 pages
> Jazz in Time
among many others NPM is pictured in 'jazz in time',  
a german jazz photo illustration 
from Ingolstädter Jazztage 
(see bottom of page)